Best Gift Guide for Craft Books and Kits Round-up + New Release Craft Books

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Today I have a gift guide for crafting books, and craft kits that are newly released and would make awesome gift ideas now, later or for the holiday season. I’ll give you the breakdown, and who I think these craft ideas would be perfect for.

I’m also linking to related previously reviewed fun craft books for kids, and craft books for adults, along with a few round-up posts that are related to helping you if you are on the hunt for the best craft books

 Craft Books, and Craft Kits Gift Guide

Gift Guide to Craft books and Craft Kits for kids, teens, and adults. Find so many great ideas for crafting, how to and learning fun crafts. #craftbooks #craftkits #giftguidecrafters #gift guides DearCreatives.com.jpg

These craft books are great ideas for anyone interested in picking up a book and learning a new craft, honing in on a craft or skill. Craft books and kits are great if you are crafting along with the kids. I love spending time with my teen, and the grandkids crafting when they visit.

At the end of the post, are the craft kits round-ups, along with more gifting resources. Great for gifting any time of year, or during the holidays. Be sure to pin this post if you want to access this resource later. 

The Best Craft Books

  • Some of these books I received for free to review.

Sewing Book resource for beginning sewers

Craft Books For Sewing:

First up for anyone interested in sewing. I recently reviewed the Complete Book of Sewing Techniques

This is a little book packed with sewing essentials, and tips for the beginning sewer. I love that the book covers not only all the tools, fabrics, and threads but, goes into cover how to read patterns. The essentials for working with a pattern, and more. 

There are clear instructions for making seams, hems, sleeves, collar, darts, adding the lining, buttonholes, and zippers. The book includes lots of photos, hints, and tips. 

  • 30 essential sewing techniques are covered, mainly they are for sewing garments. In the back of the book, it touches on applique and drapery. 
  • A great resource for the beginning sewer or novice seamstress
  • Color illustrations
  • 176 pages

Preview book available on Kindle, and paperback via Amazon

Sewing Craft Books for Kids: 

Looking for kids craft books, activities, and craft kits Check out these craft ideas from DearCreatives.com

I recently reviewed Stitching with Jane Foster which was a big hit with my granddaughter. She had tried a hand stitching book I previously reviewed and stitched each card in the book. Her mom and I were shocked by how she stitched every card in the book so quickly. She loves these books. It’s really sparked her love of sewing, and embroidery. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to gift a hand sewing activities craft book for kids.

While we loved both books, Stitching with Jane Foster’s illustrations is defiantly geared to any child. When my granddaughter was visiting, she didn’t wait to ask if she could get her hands on this stitching book. See spotted it, picking it right up. Is this for me? You can see her stitching in this review of our previous book. I’ll update, adding photos with stitched cards when her mom sends me some photos.

Machine Sewing Books for kids:

Origami Craft Books for Teens and Adults:

Craft Books for Teens Alice and Wonderland Origami

 Alice in Wonderland Origami

This craft book would be perfect for teens, young adults or adults interested in Origami, or big fans of Alice in Wonderland. The book not only includes 42 sheets of origami paper but, detailed folding instructions, along with the stories. 

  • Symbol keys, and how to fold instructions
  • Beautifully illustrated, story by Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland
  • Hard Cover
  • 127 pages

Craft Books for teens a gift guide Origami Alice in Wonderland craft book See more ideas at DearCreatives.com

While my granddaughter, who is 9 years old loved looking at this book, and it’s illustrations we didn’t try any of the origami. I thought this book’s instructions might frustrate a younger crafter and was more suited to Sammie (my teen).

If I do bring it when visiting my granddaughter I will update this post if she is able to follow the instructions, and enjoys it. No preview of the book is available, at the time of writing this post. If you are looking for origami books for the younger kids see the two books listed below.

Origami kids craft books for the younger kids: 

  • Easy Origami a collection of 32 simple projects for novice origami hobbyists which is clearly illustrated and with easy-to-follow instructions that even beginning paper-crafters can follow with success.
  • Origami Finger Puppets (review) (book) You can create your own origami theater by making a full range of finger puppet characters. Origami Finger Puppets includes 25 step-by-step designs and 25 sheets of origami paper to practice with.

Christmas Paper Crafting

Christmas Paper Crafting

I recently reviewed Christmas Paper Crafting this is full of holiday gift tags, mini gift cards, colorable cards, and bookmarks. The book also includes some 8.5 x 11 scrapbook papers in holiday designs. There are a few envelope templates too. You can preview the book. It’s a large paper backfilled with Christmas holiday fun.

Craft books gifts guide Christmas paper crafts, and more craft book ideas. DearCreatives.com

The mini cards will be great for gifting teachers, a classroom party, or for fellowship giving. The book is so much better than it’s preview. When I craft a few things from this book, I’ll link to the post. This would be a great book to grab now, and start paper-crafting. 

Craft books for Centerpieces

Crafts books gift guide for the crafty people in your life. So many ideas to choose from see them all and why they'll love them. DearCreatives.comThis craft book Make in a Day Centerpieces is great for anyone wanting to learn how to make easy Centerpieces. There are 15 projects that you can easily craft or DIY. Covering many seasons, and occasions. You can preview the book. What I like about this book is easy to follow directions and images. There is a supply list for the craft projects. Covering ideas from farmhouse chic, wedding, holiday, baby shower worthy, and seasonal ideas. 

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Crafts books, and craft kits for Teens and Adults:

Craft Book Resources:

Sewing Craft Books and Resources:

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