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The Best Arts And Craft Supplies For Kids

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Are you looking for the best kids art and craft supplies? Are you setting up a kids craft room or an art space for your kids? Or are you just looking for arts and craft supplies as gifts for kids? I’ve listed some of our family favorites from over the years. Breaking the arts and craft supplies for kids down by various ages.

I will also be sharing some of our favorite craft books and e-courses that we have enjoyed. Do you have favorite craft supplies, books or courses? Be sure to share yours in the comments here or on our Facebook page. In our house, we have run the gamut trying all types of arts and crafts over the years. Looking for something else? See all our gift ideas

We hope this helps you with your gift selections for kids or for setting up a craft space for your family. 

Art and Craft Supplies for Kids

Crafting Gift Ideas 

I’m going to start you out with some craft room basics today. Remember crafting is about learning and creating. These gifts are not gender-specific. I have a son who can sew. I know men that knit.

  • Creativity is more about supplying the art tools or craft supplies to the right ages. Encouraging kids to be creative through exploration with those arts & crafts supplies.

Gift Ideas 

Kids Art and Craft Supplies by age 

Arts and Craft Supplies for kids ages 2-7

At young ages exploration, learning, manual dexterity and encouragement are key. Starting the love of arts and crafts at a young age is important. It can give children skills to last a lifetime.

Arts and Craft Supplies for kids ages 7-12

At this age, it’s about adding to the crafting experience. Many of these things can be done by themselves and with friends. Supervision is still needed but, once they have the skills for many of the listed items they will be able to continue doing the craft on their own.

Art and Craft supplies for kids ages 12-17+


This is the age where kids will experiment and hone in on their arts and crafts skills. They might also be apt to try new arts and crafts to really see where their interests are.

  • Storing your arts and craft supplies? Raskog Utility Cart is a great option.
  • Today’s teens are highly techy and finding a good Drawing Tablet is an excellent way for teens to expand on their drawing and designing skills. When they get serious you can upgrade to this type of drawing tablet. Perfect if they are taking graphic art classes. 
  • My daughter has the iskine another type of drawing pad. She uses hers for designing and drawing. 

Give the gift of learning

Two favorite sites for e classes for crafting are Creative Bug which has classes for all ages including children. We also love Craftsy. You can see some of the reviews of e-courses I’ve taken by searching the site. Both sites have e classes to suit all kinds of arts and crafts levels and interests. I highly recommend both.

I have also reviewed many craft books for both kids and adults. Here are a few of the reviews that might help you with other gift ideas if you’d like to give a good book for a crafting resource:


What would you add to the list?

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    1. Hi Stacie, That’s awesome your mom’s crafty. She’d probably enjoy one of the e classes too then. You can get gift certificates. I forgot to mention that.

  1. They have a utility cart similar to that at IKEA and I always say I want to buy it.. I would love to have a craft cart I could roll around for the kids! Awesome & creative gift guide!

  2. That tape dispenser is just plain pretty. I think any crafty child would like all of these suggestions. I’ve been thinking of getting a decent pencil set, too. Thank you for your referral!

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