Salad Recipes

Salad Recipes – If you are looking for salad recipes to make for side dishes, brunch, lunch, or dinners you are in the right place. You will find recipes for all types of salads that are delicious and easy to make.

Making a good salad is easy. We have recipes, tips, and ideas to help you make a salad to enjoy eating. And a few of my favorite tools for making salads.

Salad Recipes

15+ Salad Recipes - Salads to make for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Get recipes, tips for making salad... Healthy, fresh, with chicken,

Find healthy salads, salads with recipes for green salads, salads with chicken, beet salad, and potato salad… Plus, you can even visit our page dedicated to pasta salads.

Handy Kitchen Tools For Making Salads

What to put on Salads?

15+ Salad Recipes To Make - Easy, Quick, Healthy, Tossed, Dressing, With Chicken, Vegetarian, Fresh... Get the salad recipes at
  1. Salad dressings can be homemade or store-bought dressings. Top salads with creamy dressing, vinaigrettes, Balsamic dressings, Champagne dressing…
  2. Get out of a rut and top your salads with fresh, seasonal fruits. Sliced onions, bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, jicama, and other vegetables. Top salads with sunflower seeds, chia seeds, nuts such as walnuts, pecans, almonds, and even hemp seeds.
  3. Adding fresh avocadoes gives salads a layer of creaminess. Avocadoes are good for you and include healthy fats.
  4. Add eggs, chicken, steak, and other proteins to make your salad a complete meal. The addition of beans such as chickpeas, black beans, and kidney beans is good for protein and fiber. And a good substitute for vegetarian salads.
  5. I love green onions and shallots on my salads, adding a flavorful taste to the salad.
  6. Brighten up your salads with parsley, Italian parsley, and chives.
  7. For any season, especially in the fall and winter add dried fruits to salads. Dried cherries, cranberries, raisins, dates…
  8. Use whole grains such as faro, quinoa, and couscous…
  9. Try adding red or yellow beets for flavor and texture.
  10. Top salads with crunchy toppings like tortilla chips, tortilla strips, Doritos, crackers
  11. Think outside the box by adding black olives, green olives, kalamata olives, canned artichoke hearts

Experiment and have fun making salads!

Salad Recipes To Make!

Salads With Recipes

Salad Recipes

Salad Recipes that are delicious and easy to make! Find salads with recipes for green salads, salads with chicken, beet salad, potato salad, and even pasta salads...

The salads are perfect to make any time of the year. Great spring and summer salads, Make a salad for brunch, lunch, dinner, or as a side dish! Enjoy!

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