Kids Book Review: 51 Things To Do With Egg Cartons

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Today I have another kids book review that will have you crafting up a storm with the kids, any time of year. This is another fun book by Fiona Hayes. If you missed my other kids craft book review I’ll link to it at the end of the post.

Today’s craft book review is for 51 Things To Do With Egg Cartons by Fiona Hayes. It is packed full of ideas. The book has step by step instructions that will have you and the kids or your older kids by themselves entertained for hours.

kids book review 51 Things To Make With Egg Cartons

Kids Book Review

51 Things To Do With Egg Cartons by Fiona Hayes

Your basic equipment for the book are short six-egg cartons that have hinges on the long side (or others as specified), white glue, scissors, pencils, ruler, felt tip pens, paints and brushes.

There is 78 pages of clear photos, instructions in an easy to follow and colorful style. Each page also offers the written instructions.

The kids craft book covers making;

  • happy hippo, tortoise, dragon, funny frog
  • mushrooms, bird mask, bracelet, necklace
  • owl, bee, spider
  • hand and finger puppets
  • masks and goggle eyes
  • and so much more!

This kids craft book is geared for kids ages 8-11, grades k-3. I think parents, home school parents and teachers would enjoy using this book to guide younger children with hands on arts and craft projects. I think many of the projects in the book will be fun for even pre school kids. I think that kids ages 8-11 will love this book!

Some of the younger kids may need help with projects.

The book would help with learning colors, manual dexterity, thinking and critical thinking,  skill building. There is a lot of projects that can be used for creative play. There is a lot of fun and play to be had in this kids craft book!

For your pre school age children I think that some of the projects can be cut by the parent. Then colored by a pre schooler and  assembled by the parent. Kids will have fun playing with any animal, vehicle or character from the projects in this craft book.

If you have multiple ages of young kids in the family this kids craft book might just be the perfect solution for indoor learning/playtime.

What are your favorite kids craft books?

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