Mason Jar Nation 50 Mason Jar DIY Craft Projects!

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Who loves mason jar crafts? I recently had the chance to review the craft book, “Mason Jar Nation by Joann Moser. It’s so much more than a simple craft book. It has some very interesting facts about how mason jars evolved. Then moves onto collecting mason jars. Quickly it moves onto the mason jar DIY craft projects. Today I’m sharing a mason jar craft project I made from the book, along with the book review. 

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The book covers 50 clever ways to use mason jars. Having created a few mason jar crafts myself I really loved seeing the projects in this book. It ranges from easy to the more challenging DIY craft projects. For this mason jar flower jar/flower craft idea, you can use faux flowers or fresh. I have used both in the mason jar after making this craft.  

How to Make a Mason Jar Vase 

Mason Jar Crafts | So many mason jar crafts to pick from that anyone can do!

The book is easy to read. Each project has a few steps out of directions. All with clear, pretty photography and clear directions that would be easy to follow for anyone trying mason jar crafts for the first time.

Mason Jar Crafts – Mason Jar Nation 

DIY Crafts | Mason Jar Ideas |Mason Jar NationPreview The Book: Mason Jar Nation

Content Subjects after the introduction

The history of the mason jars, collecting jars and two other short subjects.

DIYs Craft projects covered in the book 

  • Crafts
  • In the Garden
  • In the Kitchen
  • Inspired Storage
  • Lighting and Lanterns

There are 50 DIY craft projects broken down under these 5 categories at roughly 10 per category (more or less) to make up the 50 mason jar crafts and projects.

There is also a metric conversion, resource, and supplies section.

Projects in the kitchen were things such as how to make homemade butter, salad, and dressings in a jar and more. Ideas for inspired storage covered projects such as swizzle stick storage, pencil sharpener and pencil storage in the jar. My favorite was a twine station. I can’t wait to make a few more of these projects. I’d love to create a version of her entryway catch all-key hanger too.

Mason Jar Craft Idea 

How to make a vase with flowers or faux flowers and arrange them

Mason Jar Crafts | So many mason jar crafts to pick from that anyone can do!

The first project I did from the book was a quick and easy under 20 minute DIY for a mason jar floral frog holder. It doesn’t get any easier. This project makes arranging faux flowers or flowers so easy! I added in faux flowers right now, until my next garden blooms.

How To Make A Flower Frog For A Mason Jar


How to Make a Flower Frog 

  1. Use the lid to measure the size of the circle
  2. Cut out the circle
  3. Trim if needed it should fit under the lid (where the canning seal lid goes) 
  4. Use your hole punch to punch holes for the flowers to fit into the jar
  5. Add your punched hole lid into the jar-ring and screw it onto the jar
  6. Add your faux flowers and faux butterflies

If you are using real flowers in your flower arrangement

  1. Follow steps 1-4
  2. Fill your jar with water leaving a little room (1-2 inches) at the top of the jar area 
  3. Add your punched hole lid into the jar-ring and screw it onto the jar
  4. Next, add your flowers 
  5. Then, add your fillers to the flower arrangement

This is the easiest way to arrange flowers in a mason jar. If you are looking for other flower arranging tips you might like this post; How to Style Flower Arrangements at Home

Mason Jar Crafts | So many mason jar crafts to pick from that anyone can do!

This project was so easy I made a couple of the flower frogs by following the directions. I used both the top/bottom of a clean empty plastic container.

Mason Jar Flower Arrangement

Mason Jar Crafts | So many mason jar crafts to pick from that anyone can do!

Then I just set my floral arrangement in the window sill. I get to look at it when I do the dishes. I love making mason jar crafts (see a few more below) and desserts in mason jars. Do you? 

Visit here to preview the book or purchase the book Mason Jar Nation

A little bit about the author Joann Moser:

  • She is a writer by education, a photographer by exploration, a blogger by accident and a DIYer by blood.
  • A graduate of Hamline University,  MFA degree in creative writing.
  • She also writes about all things DIY on an online design community.
  • Blogging reawakened a life-long love of photography and prompted further study of the art at Minnetonka Center for the Arts

What DIY craft projects, books, kits or mason jar crafts have you been enjoying?

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