Flower Crowns 30 DIY Floral Creations – Craft Book Review

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“Flower Crowns 30 DIY Floral Creations” – This is a new floral craft book topic coverage making Flower Crowns DIY Floral Creations! I’m sharing and giving you a sneak peek and craft book review. If you have followed me for any time now here or on Instagram and even Pinterest you know I’m pretty passionate about flowers. It’s one of nature’s beautiful bonuses I love. Don’t you? Bright, beautiful, colorful. One of life’s biggest turns I never took was taking the chance to work any a florist shop. I had an older friend growing up who was a florist. I loved all the flower arrangements and floral crowns she made.  She’d always come home with something beautiful that was handmade. Although I’d visit her shop and her at home I never made the leap to ask if they needed help while I lived nearby. Although I would have loved to work with them at the shop I kept our relationship a friendship. I have done my share of flower arranging from helping with weddings to making wreaths, arranging flowers in vases, doing the flowers for the wedding tables, and creating florals for the reception… But, until now I don’t think I can remember a time I’ve created flower crowns, other than daisy chains and a few simple flower crowns.  Affiliate Links may be included in this post. 

Craft Book Reviews

Flower Crowns 30 DIY Floral Creations

Craft Book Reviews | Flower Crowns 30 DIY Floral Creations This was perfect timing being late spring to try to create a fresh floral flower crown. We have fresh vines, flowers, and pomegranates in our yard. I only had to grab a few supplies such as scissors, wire cutters, floral wire, floral tape, and ribbon. Some of which I already had. Craft Book Reviews |Flower Crowns 30 DIY Floral Creations |Hands Crafting a Flower Crown

The book Flower Crowns 30 DIY Floral Creations lays out everything you need for each of the floral creations. The instructions are easy to follow. With plenty of images to help you with all the steps. Below are a few project images of what I created using the book as a resource. 

Craft Book Reviews |Flower Crowns 30 DIY Floral Creations | Flower Crown This is perfect for anyone wanting to create a floral crown to wear for a wedding or wearing to a summer music festival. The La Dolce Vita Faux Flower Clip would be a stunning accessory for a date night. Craft Book Reviews |Flower Crowns 30 DIY Floral Creations | Flower Crown close up

Flower Crowns 30 DIY Floral Creations

Just a few of the 30 DIY Floral Creations in the book are: 

  • Mardi Graus Faux Flower Crown
  • Fresh Daisy Flower Crown
  • Fourth of July Fresh Flower Crown
  • Pumpkin Patch Flower Crown 
  • Bridesmaid Flower Crown 
  • Flower Hairpins
Craft Book Reviews |Flower Crowns 30 DIY Floral Creations

Craft Book Reviews:

The Contents of the book include: 

  • An Introduction
  • Getting Started 
  • Flower Glossary
The section of the book called getting started goes over just what you need to get started and then various supplies. There’s the flower glossary it’s small but, helpful. Craft Book Reviews |Flower Crowns 30 DIY Floral Creations | wearing a hand crafted flower crown It also includes how to wear your flower crowns. Various flowers used in the book are not only fresh but, waxed and dried flower selections. The project I tried in the book Flower Crowns 30 DIY Floral Creations was the project Fresh Flower Crown From The Garden. Although I didn’t use the recommended flowers I used the techniques for creating the crown. I flipped back to other projects to see how the flowers were attached. I think the step-by-step images are helpful and made it easy to make.  What I love about the book is there are so many floral crowns to try. The book covers each season and many events. In the back of the book is a one-page supply resources section with recommendations which is helpful for anyone looking for online resources and of course some local options for anyone.  Sammie has two projects she wants me to make for her with satin, wax, and dried flowers that are in the book. I can’t wait until we grab some more supplies and make them. When we make them I promise to share.

Craft Book Review

Final Thoughts On the Flower Crowns Craft Book:

  • My final thoughts on the book: If you want to get started making flower crowns and floral crowns this book would be a great resource for you! I think anyone can follow the directions, the supplies are laid out for you and there are helpful tips throughout the book. If you’d like you can preview the book for free! It’s available on Amazon in both the Kindle format and book format. I think this book is perfect for anyone wanting to try to craft flower crowns for themselves or for making them for someone else. 
Craft Book Reviews| Flower Crowns 30 DIY Floral Creations | Book Cover

The author of the book is Christy Meisner Doramus who is a New York-based flower hair accessory designer with Southern roots. 

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Have you ever handcrafted your own flower crowns? 

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  1. These are very pretty and feminine! There’s just one problem. I hate Bees! I would be so paranoid thinking that every bee in the neighborhood would be chasing me lol.

    1. Hey Stacie, Make some in silk, satin or wax. Then they wouldn’t have a scent. Yes, I agree they are pretty and feminine. I can’t wait to make some when Sammie’s around and take some photos with her wearing them.

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