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“Paper Jewelry” Handmade Jewelry DIYs Craft Book

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Do you love paper crafts or making paper DIY projects? How about making jewelry projects? Recycling your magazines, pretty papers or cards? Or just create something from scratch from paper? If that is you, hello! If not, you’ll still probably like what I’m sharing today if you love pretty coffee table books.

A while back I had the chance to look over a new book out in the craft market, that was complimentary to us.

The book is called “Paper Jewelry” authored by Barbara Baumann, photography by Flurina Hodel. This book is for 55 Projects for Reusing Paper. The book has lots of paper jewelry projects. I did receive this for free from Schiffer Publishing to facilitate my review and will be sharing my honest opinions of the book.

Barbara compares this type of paper craft-jewelry art to that of creating patchwork quilts. They are pretty, evoke emotions and originality. The book was created to be an inspiration for you to create or expand on the projects shown. Find your own personal style from within the book. Create jewelry crafts fitting that to your skill level and personal style.

 “Paper Jewelry”

Craft Book For Handmade Jewelry DIYs

Craft Books |Craft Book Review | Paper Jewelry

Papercraft Book Overview

One of the first projects I wanted to try was creating the jewelry project from page 31 a Solitaire Necklace (book necklace) As mentioned start at your level, with supplies you have and adapt as needed. You don’t always have to have what the artist/crafter has to create a similar project.

On page 30 for this tutorial was a diagram on how to cut out the book cover. What I found in the paper I had was too stiff for using the template so I created a similar cut with thinner paper. Then took the suggestion of using a similar finishing material to the suggested varnish. I’ll be sharing what I made soon. I feel like this is a project from the book that anyone can do!

Craft Books | Craft Book Review | Paper Jewelry

There are plenty of easy projects. With that said,  there will be plenty of projects the average person might not be able to do on the first try.

  • Again, adapt to the skill level you have. 

You’ll find projects for a necklace with hearts, origami earrings, art cards and various bracelets that are very doable. Have puzzle pieces from a puzzle that has missing pieces? Hello, there are projects with puzzles as materials too.

All the projects have amazing results, very pretty. As I do more projects I’ll circle back to let you know by sharing projects I make from the book and link them to this post. Then you can visit to see my thoughts for various projects.

Final Thoughts on this Craft Book, Paper Jewelry

  • With all this said, this book has amazing photographs, is pretty to flip through. If you are into up-cycling and recycling this is an awesome resource for creating fun, funky. hip, chic and pretty amazing handmade paper jewelry.
  • There are more than, several projects created for the beginner to the artist level. Anyone having a good amount of craft experience can find projects to make with paper. There is a full section in the back with pages of helpful tools for creating projects and what they’d be used for.
  • Along with a section for types of jewelry/jewelry production and then a section on paper techniques.

Content Overview

There are a total of 176 pages Contents:

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Projects and by type of project each are listed
  • The 3 sections previously mentioned for Tools, Production & Techniques
  • Appendix and Acknowledgments

Paper Jewelry 

  • Paper Jewelry would be great for a coffee table book or as a gift too.
  • This is available on Amazon and in bookstores.

Hope you enjoyed today’s craft book review. I’ll be sharing what I made soon.

To see more about Paper Jewelry or read other reviews. 

Would you try to create paper jewelry sometime if you had a book like this?

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  1. Those are really cute ideas but I’m not sure I’d have the patience to sit there that long trying to make it. I could possibly get away with making a ring…but definitely not a necklace! LOL

    1. Hi Phyllis, There are a few quicker projects in the book and then there are the ones you know will take quite a bit of time. Thanks for stopping by today & taking the time to comment.

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