Do You Want to Learn to Knit? The Complete Guide to Knitting for Any Age!

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Do you want to learn how to knit? Every fall I want to get better at knitting. I love the idea of taking a craft project where ever I’m waiting to work on. I’ve tried but, never practiced enough to get past making a scarf. Maybe this will be my year? Or Sammie’s year to learn to knit. When your done with today’s post see all the craft for kids we’ve tried together or rounded up.

Whether your a novice knitter or a good one, teaching kids how to knit doesn’t have to be hard. Today I have a resource for you, that we had the chance to try for free. The book is packed with information and step by step photos! This book can be used by anyone but, is designed to be the perfect guide to teach your child to knit

The book is Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Knitting by Mary Scott Huff. She is also author to Fantastical Hats to Knit and Fun and Fantastical Slippers to Knit. The Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Knitting has 200 photos, the instructions are written easily and clearly. Each project lists the knitting skills that will be taught, exercised and rated for difficulty. It covers all the basics to knitting in the beginning of the book.

Learn to Knit

Resource for Teaching Kids and Families to Knit

Crafts Knitting |Complete guide to knitting

Learn how to knit

Outline of the knitting resource Complete Photo Guide to Knitting

After the knitting basics – mechanics the book goes onto special techniques besides covering all the basics. We loved how the book shares how to make your own handmade customized knitting needles. I hope we get a chance to make some soon! 

Projects include things like friendship bracelets, felted coasters, washcloths, cowl, pom pom hat, bag, scarves and more! There is even a cute little dog sweater and bow tie tutorial. 

I love how the book clearly outlines the basics, measuring, knitting tools and needed sewing notions for being successful. Besides essentials it shares a few nice to have tools and resources for knitting. In the very back of the book is about the author, abbreviations and index. 

Each project lists what you will need int the way of yarn, needles and notions. These are outlined in a yellow block to the side for easy reference. In an orange block are your gauge, sizes and stitch guide for easy reference

Your children will learn to knit projects by practicing the essentials creating the foundation for a lifetime of knitting fun and enjoyment.

Our final thoughts on the craft book for knitting 

I know this is a book Sammie will enjoy learning from and I know I can use it as well as a resource to improve on my own skills. She has already started using Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Crochet and learned basics and how to crochet a friendship bracelet, which you can see here.

She has already enjoyed thumbing through projects and excited to learn from this book. If your wanting to teach your kids and yourself this will be a nice resource to have on hand, especially due to all the photos and tips it includes. We did receive a copy to try out for ourselves. I promise to share and update post when she’s made something from the book.

 Complete Photo Guide to Knitting


Crafts Knitting |Complete Photo Guide to Knitting

Learn to knit 

Do you knit or crochet? Have you ever taught your child to knit or crochet? 

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