Craft Book Review: The Granny Square Book, Not Your Granny’s Granny Squares!

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Today we are sharing a craft book review. We think you’ll like this craft book if your interested in learning how to crochet or already do crochet. Craft books are great resources for learning new craft skills or improving on your skills. Today’s book is all about crocheting granny squares. These aren’t your typical granny squares either. There are so many beautiful motifs!

Craft Book Review:

The Granny Square Book

For us, summer is a great time to learn new craft skills. There are days when it just gets too hot to be outdoors. When it heats up out come the craft books, craft kits and we start freshening up our skills and learning new ones.

Craft Book Review The Granny Square Book Take a peek inside this book. Whether your a beginner to advanced crocheter. Anyone who is interested in crochet needs to take a peek inside this book and take your crocheting skills to another level. DearCreatives.com

I’ll admit one of my daughters has gotten pretty good at crochet. She has made a few baby blankets for baby shower gifts, scarves and other items. For me, I’m still on the learning curve with crochet. So when I had the chance to sit down with this crochet craft book I was on the fence if it would be for me or more for her. Let’s dive in and see what The Granny Square Book covers. 

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Craft Book Review 

The Granny Square Book

Craft book review The Granny Square Book DearCreatives.com How to crochet, crochet techniques, ideas for crocheting granny squares.

 The Granny Square Book by Margaret Hubert.

Margaret Hubert is the author of more than twenty crochet and knitting books! And still teaches at yarn shops and retreats. She was recognized by the Crochet Guild of America and inducted into their Jean Leinhauser Crochet Hall of Fame. 

Craft Book Review The Granny Square Book all about How To Crochet Granny Squares with patterns and more.

The book covers how to crochet instructions;

I was excited to see that this book isn’t just for people who already crochet. It covers hook, notions and general techniques. The book has step by step images

  • Reading written instructions
  • Term conversions
  • Reading symbols

There are charts of abbreviations and crochet diagram symbols. The book talks about gauge, then moves onto the granny square techniques.

  • How to Crochet a Granny Square 
  • Details about beginning chains
  • Finishing chains-Invisible join
  • Picking up stitches, borders and seams

Then the book moves onto 100 granny square patterns. The crochet designs are beautiful! After the granny squares there is how to design with your granny squares. I can’t wait to get better I want my first project to be her flower garden headband. It’s so pretty! I think another beginner project would be coasters. 

There are quite a few crochet patterns for all skill levels in the section of the book called designing with granny squares.

Craft book review Granny Square Book DearCreatives.com 100 ideas for crocheting granny squares- how to crochet

Examples of Crochet Pattern Designs;

  • Saucy Shells Beach Cover-up
  • Veronica Loop Scarf
  • Gabrielle Shawl 

There is also crochet pattern designs for table runners, a market bag, baby sweater set, crochet hat and more. Of course there  is more than a few classic crochet blanket patterns. 

Since I’m not that great at reading patterns yet.But, I can tell you it looks like no how to detail has been missed. There are diagrams for the crochet patterns that include yarn, hooks, gauge, notions, finished sizes and skill levels. Each crochet pattern covers what to do but, no step by steps for the designed patterns. (there are step by steps for the granny squares basics) There are layouts and notes along with the crochet patterns. 

Craft book review Granny Square Book DearCreatives.com how to techniques and ideas for making granny squares and granny square designs

Over view of The Granny Square Book;

  • Crochet basics used for making granny squares (with step by step images)
  • Stitch instructions and symbol diagrams for 100 unique squares (no step by step images)
  • 25 all new projects- garments, accessories, gifts and home decor (no step by step images)
  • Guidance and ideas for designing your own granny square projects 

Craft Book Review The Granny Square Book How to crochet granny squares

We hope you pick up your crochet hooks and have fun learning how to make granny squares! 

The Granny Square Book, Second Edition: Timeless Techniques and Fresh

 Buy the book  The Granny Square Book or find out more about Margaret Hubert.

I can’t wait to get better at crochet so I can share a few more complicated patterns. Or have Krissy share her crochet skills with you.

Have you ever tried crocheting before? Do you have a favorite crochet or craft book? We’d love to know. 

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