Cleaning Tips

Don’t put off your cleaning your home. It only makes things worse. See our cleaning tips right here to make things easier for you! Do you ever wonder how to get your house cleaned in 30 minutes? Or how to clean your house like a professional cleaner? 

I cleaned houses when I was in college, and this is where you will find home tips, tricks, products we try and use. Find housecleaning hacks to get your home clean fast, declutter your home, find how to restore or fix things when cleaning. Whether you are looking for kitchen cleaning tips, bedroom cleaning tips or…We have you covered. If you have a goal to have a clean, organized home you have come to the right place. 

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips - Get your free cleaning tips, checklists and how to clean like a pro. Easy to follow tips and tools to make cleaning a breeze!

As a mom to 5 with only one left at home. A house with pets, and grandkids that visit I love trying and sharing how I clean or use household products. We use organic and natural products along with other cleaning products. I want to get the job done and head off for fun or crafting.

Typically, we don’t love cleaning but, I do love living in a clean home. It makes it easier for having guests over and entertaining. I have to say using green products are great because they are gentler on the environment, safe for pets or child crawling or playing on the floor. But, there are times and places that do need a little extra cleaning. Let’s get to it! 

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How to clean like a Professional?

  1. Declutter your home; have a spot for all your items.
  2. Go room by room (take a laundry basket or other basket with you returning items to the room they belong to all at once)
  3. Clean top to bottom (dust, then sweep or vacuum) Lastly, mop or polish
  4. Clean in sections (left to right)
  5. Put your cleaning tools and products in a cleaning product carryall like this or like this carryall. (Bring them with you, room to room!)
  6. Read the directions on the cleaners and know how long to leave them on.
  7. I like to use natural products except in the kitchen I do use spray bleach, disinfecting wipes, and in the bathroom when someone is sick a disinfectant
  8. Grab washable microfiber cloths they are perfect for cleaning. Wash well, and are reusable. 
  9. For your mirrors; Use your glass cleaning cloths in an S pattern it helps reduce streaks, starting at the top.
  10. I love having kids help cleaning. Double check cleaning. They can tackle age-appropriate cleaning tasks. Did they miss something? Show them where and how to fix the cleaning. 

How To Make Cleaning Easier 

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