Small Loom Weaving ” Little Loom Weaving” Craft Book Review

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Are you interested in crafts that involve small loom weaving? I’ve done small loom weaving since high school. But, I have seen that there has been a resurgence in the art of small loom weaving and weaving in general. Have you ever wanted to try small loom weaving? 

I’m excited to share today’s craft book review with you thanks to Ulysses Press. Books for Crafts; Little Loom Weaving Book by Andreia Gomes. 

Small Loom Weaving

Crafts Little Loom Weaving Book Review

Weaving Crafts

I know after reading this book, Little Loom Weaving I’m excited to give weaving a try again and think it will be a great summer craft to try with Sammie. In the book, they actually go over all the supplies you need to start crafting your weaving projects. Some of the projects don’t even need a loom. There is a project for a hoop and a planter…

Craft Book Review

Here’s a quick overview of the chapters of Little Loom Weaving Book;

  • Chapter 1 Covers weaving looms, essential weaving tools and weaving terms.
  • Chapter 2 Choosing yarns, fibers, weight, color theory, choosing a warp yarn.
  • Chapter 3 Weaving Techniques such as warp the loom, tabby weave, and five other techniques. 
  • Chapter 4 Projects, Making your own loom, woven necklace, branch weaving, dessert vibes wall hanging, everyday coaster and nine other projects. 

Crafts Weaving Tools

Small Loom Weaving

Overview of the book

This is a 128-page book that is packed with information to get you started on small loom weaving projects. The projects that caught my eye was a wood branch weaving project with a V-shaped branch. Each project has a difficulty level. It shows step by step images to help you create your own projects, along with the tutorial. This project is a level 3. 

A starter craft weaving project would be the everyday coaster it’s a level 1 project. It’s a quick, simple project that even kids can do! Next, is a summer bracelet. Level 2. “The fun thing about weaving is that once you have learned the basic stitches and technique, you can get out of your comfort zone and try different things with your loom, says Andreia Gomes” 

crafts small weaving loom

This is a full-color book that has a broad range of projects for beginning and intermediate weavers. Readers will even learn how to make their own starter loom out of a picture frame.

Crafts _Little_Loom_Weaving

About the Author

Andreia Gomes is a self-taught weaver, creative thinker, compulsive maker, and interior stylist. Her work has been featured in CYL Collective, Makers Movement, Future Positive, Koel Magazine, A Montra/The Window and more. Andreia created her own brand of handwoven wall art, LOOP Weaving Co. She lives in Lisbon, Portugal.

On Amazon, you can, Preview the book, and find out more about the author.

Crafts Craft book review Little Loom Weaving Books Worth Reading. This book is perfect for beginning to intermediate small loom weaving. Are you interested in small loom weaving Enter our giveaway and find out more about this craft book.

I can’t wait to share a new small loom weaving craft project with you after we tackle a few. Looking for craft projects to do today? Visit our crafts, DIY felt crafts project ideas and DIY craft projects pages.

Weaving Supplies

Just starting out? You might like these craft weaving supplies and kits for weaving. 

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