Sewing Book Review For Anyone Interested In Altering Patterns or Making Flat Patterns

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Do you enjoy sewing? Today we have a sewing book to share with you. I’ve been so inspired by some re-style and up-cycled sewing projects I came across recently. I am also interested in expanding my skills in pattern making and altering clothes. I have been wanting to get back to my sewing projects. 

Sewing Book Review


Sewing Book Review- Designing Clothes with the Flat Pattern Method - Find out about Designing Clothes with the Flat Pattern Method, a helpful book for learning sewing skills, such as altering and master pattern making

Sammie is really into classic, retro clothing. Which we often find while thrift shopping. Recently we purchased two classic styles that need slight little fitting and altering. You might remember when I made her the Wirt Cape, or the Evil Queen Costume? With these and other sewing projects I always find myself altering the patterns for sizing or to suit our needs. 

Sewing Book Review

Today’s book, Designing Clothes with the Flat Pattern Method is the book that we received for free to take a look at. This book probably isn’t going to be for the beginner sewer. This book is probably more suited to someone with at least some experience and is ready to adjust patterns, or learn how to make master patterns, and how to get them ready for the design process. Or suited to someone studying or interested in fashion design. 

What is a master pattern? Sara Alm describes this,”It’s a garment that fits well and has virtually no design details at all makes a great foundation pattern or master pattern.”

If you watch competition shows such as Project Runway, you know when they mock up the designs on dress forms or tables? All these sewers have the skills in this book. If you are looking to expand your sewing, altering skills and learn pattern making this book will be helpful for you.

Sewing Book Review- Designing Clothes with the Flat Pattern Method - Basic sewing tools, sewing skills and this helpful book....

You don’t have to have a dress form per say, as this is the flat lay pattern method. Basic sewing materials are covered in the book, which most sewers already have. Other supplies you’ll need sewing pattern paper or other suitable materials to trace around.

When flipping through the book you can see the basic pattern construction styles. What’s nice is seeing how these different methods can be fitted or altered. There are tips for making a pattern more comfortable. Example, changing an armhole or not adding darts….The book is filled with amazing illustrations. 

Sewing Book Overview”Designing Clothes with the Flat Pattern Method

  • Master Pattern Basics
  • Collars and Closures
  • Skirts
  • Sleeves
  • Bodice Foundations
  • Bodice Design
  • Pants
  • Finishing Details 

Within each of these chapters (not listed in order) is lots of information for the sewer interested in fashion design or learning new techniques for flat pattern making or altering pattern designs. In the back of the book is a glossary of terms. 

Sewing Book Review- Designing Clothes with the Flat Pattern Method - Take a peek inside this sewing book that is all about altering and the pattern sewing

You will learn how to make adjustments to patterns such as lengthening, shortening, collars, facings….and the above mentioned fitting adjustments. I hope this helps me when I tackle Sammie’s lined dresses she wants altered. I’ll be sure to share them once I get on those sewing projects. 

Need more inspiration? I have two Pinterest boards packed with all skill levels of sewing ideas and re-style sewing ideas

About the Author

Sara Alm started sewing dresses at age six, and she’s never looked back. After graduating from the Apparel Arts patternmaking program in 2005, Alm has worked as a patternmaker, designer, and sewing instructor at Apparel Arts. Alm is the instructor for five Craftsy Classes.

Designing Clothes with the Flat Pattern Method: Customize Fitting Shells

You can find out more about Sara Alm on her bio and preview her book  or purchase Designing Clothes with the Flat Pattern Method on Amazon. 

Sewing Re-Style and Altered sewing projects

Sewing Ideas, tutorials free patterns are on my sewing board on Pinterest.

What level of sewing are you at? 

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