45 Of The Best Craft And Activities Kits For Kids

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Craft Kits For Kids they will love! I loved getting my kids craft kits and creative educational toys when they were growing up. Seeing them learn by reading directions, (or helping them read). They learn how to follow image directions and use their hands. All these things expand their play-learning experience. A few of my grandkids are just getting to the age where they now can receive fun craft and activities kits. I love finding toys, craft kits, and activity kits for kids like these for their birthdays and holidays. Today’s list is full of Klutz Craft Kits a retailer that is known for their kids’ crafts and more. 

Kid’s Activity Kits 

Why get kids a craft kit? It allows them to learn by exploration and doing. They are also fun to do alongside the kids. Or for the kids to do on their own! Craft and activity kits are great for kids’ motor skills and critical thinking.

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Klutz Craft Kits

Craft Kits And Activity Kits Klutz Crafts 45 of the best kits for kids

45 of the best crafts kits

Activity kits for kids 

  1. LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit
  2. The Book of Impossible Objects: 25 Eye-Popping Projects to Make, See & Do Craft Kit
  3. Make Clay Charms Craft Kit
  4. Mini Pom-Pom Pets
  5. Fingerprint Fabulous: Create Sweet and Sparkly Thumbprint Art Craft Kit
  6. Make Glitter Clay Charms Craft Kit
  7. Tiny Stitches Craft Kit
  8. Stencil Art Book Kit
  9. LEGO Crazy Action Contraptions Craft Kit
  10. Felted Friends: Create Your Own Soft, Fuzzy Animals Craft Kit
  11. The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes Craft Kit
  12. Felted Friends: Create Your Own Soft, Fuzzy Animals Craft Kit
  13. String Art Book Kit
  14. Fairies: Petal People You Make Yourself Craft Kit
  15. Friendship Bracelets Craft Kit
  16. Lettering: in Crazy Cool Quirky Style
  17. Make Your Own Washi Tape Stickers
  18. Shrink & Link Jewelry Craft Kit
  19. The Cootie Catcher Book Craft Kit
  20. Paper Flying Dragons Craft Kit
  21. The Most Amazing Thumb Doodles Book: In The History of The Civilized World Book
  22. Finger Knitting Craft Kit
  23. Star Wars Folded Flyers: Make 30 Paper Starfighters Craft Kit
  24. Cat’s Cradle Book Kit
  25. Coloring Crush
  26. Face Painting Craft Kit
  27. Create Your Own Quote Art
  28. Build Your Own Gotcha Gadgets Craft Kit
  29. Window Art Activity Kit
  30. Toolbox Jewelry Craft Kit
  31. Prankster Magic Craft Kit
  32. Loop Loom: Make super-stretchy beaded bracelets
  33. Twirled Paper
  34. Pop Collage: Make Your Stuff Stand Out Craft Kit
  35. Color-In Stained Glass: 18 Make-it-yourself Window Designs
  36. Scoubidou Craft Kit
  37. Smash Bot Battle
  38. Dress Up Your Own Paper Pups Craft Kit
  39. Me Vs. You Book Kit
  40. Charm Bracelet Studio
  41. Glitter Face Painting Toy
  42. Twirly Q’s: Make Cute Creatures from Cardboard Coils Craft Kit
  43. Juggling for The Complete Craft Kit
  44. AirPower: Rocket Science Made Simple Craft Kit
  45. Draw It 3D Toy
These also make great gifts for when kids are heading out to birthday parties too. Do you have a favorite craft kit from Klutz? 

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Do you have any favorite craft kits or activity kits that your kids enjoyed?

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  1. Now this would make for a craft filled summer! I can’t wait until my Gbaby is old enough for us to do crafts.

    1. Hi Stacie, Yes, it’s so much fun with the grandkids and seeing them enjoy exploring, learning, crafting, and making with their little hands.

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