Cricut Crafts

Are you ready to make crafts with the Cricut die-cutting machine? We have a growing list of Cricut Crafts and Cricut Joy craft projects. Find easy Cricut crafts for beginners, intermediate and advanced crafts using this die-cutting machine!

Make DIY banners, place cards, paper crafts, and stickers. Find iron-on Cricut craft projects for zipper pouches, DIY iron-on aprons, iron-on t-shirts, and onesies. Let’s not forget all the fun seasonal crafts you can make with the Cricut for the holidays (Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas…)

What is Cricut? Cricut is a brand of die-cutting machines made for crafting. Whether you are looking to purchase a digital cutting machine, are a beginner Cricut crafter, or have been making Cricut craft projects for a long time this is where you can find all levels of our Cricut Crafts and ideas to make with a Cricut. Along with our guide for; What is a Cricut? What you need to get started crafting with a Cricut and tips for purchasing, and what you need to get started.

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Affiliate links may be included in this post. We earn a small commission for qualifying purchases. This is at no additional cost to you. 


Cricut Crafts- list of Cricut Crafts To Make - Plus guide filled with tips for getting and using a Cricut Die-Cutting machine. See all the things to make with the Cricut -

Cricut Crafts Projects

Use the list of Cricut Crafts to find a craft project to make with the Cricut! If you don’t have a Cricut yet we have information below to help you pick the right machine to buy. Plus, tips and resources for Cricut!

We love crafting with our Cricut Maker and Cricut Joy and think you will love it too! Find Cricut Craft ideas, Cricut Crafts for beginners, and things to make with your Cricut digital cutting machines! Tips, tutorials, and crafts for using the Cricut. Find projects from DIY banners, DIY iron-on t-shirts, iron-on onesies, DIY gifts, DIY stickers, and decor to make for the home, and a growing list of projects to make with your die-cutting machines!

Cricut Crafts

Find all levels of Cricut Crafts! From Cricut Crafts for beginners to more advanced crafts with Cricut. Have fun crafting with this die-cutting machine. There are so many crafts you can make and design. Plus, grab our free project SVG files and cut files, then follow the instructions for the craft projects.


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Find out all about the latest Cricut Bundle Sale! And where to get the best deals on Cricut.

Topics Overview For The Cricut Guide

  1. Cricut Projects (above) Craft projects for Cricut, Cricut Maker, and Cricut Joy
  2. What is a Cricut?
  3. Styles of Cricut Machines and comparison.
  4. Cricut Supplies
  5. Where to get design files for use in Cricut Crafts
  6. Plus Cricut Tips! 

Look for things to make for parties and holidays too! As we add more Cricut craft projects that we make.

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Making banners, labels, and cards with Cricut are easy projects to make with Cricut. Where to find more Cricut Projects? (FREE DESIGN PROJECTS) in Design Space. And here are Free Featured Projects.

New to Cricut? Or Do you want to buy a new machine?

Learn All About Cricut! 

  • Affiliate links may be included in this post. We earn a small commission on qualifying purchases. This is at no additional cost to you. 
Cricut Crafts - Get tips for buying a Cricut Machine, Insider tips for using the Cricut and a list of Cricut Crafts To Make -

What is a Cricut?

Use project designs. Make, paper crafts, and iron-on crafts. C 

Cricut has come out with so many new machines each one has special features! 

How To Pick The Right Cricut Machine 


This little digital cutting machine is perfect for making banners, stickers, labels, cards… This cutting machine is the fastest and smallest of them. Which makes this easy to store in your home, craft room, or dorm room. Or take it for on-the-go crafting and don’t need a mat. You can use smart materials or a mat with materials for cutting your projects. 

Cricut Maker

This is the workhorse of the bunch meaning, it can cut a variety of materials (300) including leather, fabric, lace, thin balsa wood, and does embossing, scoring… It has an adapted tool system including a variety of blades that are interchangeable in the machine. Print and cut, on white and colored paper. 

Cricut Explore Air 2

I have had every machine including the Explore which I gave to my daughter, (an older version of the Air 2) and Explore Air 2. It is similar to the Maker die cutting machine. How is the machine different? It has fewer cut options. The Explore machines come with a limited variety of blades for cutting compared to the Maker. Card stock, vinyl, iron-on, bonded materials… Prints and cuts only on white paper. 

Cricut Comparison Chart

Compare the die-cutting machines to see which is the right one for you! 

What do you need to get started crafting with Cricut?

  1. Pick the machine that suits your crafting needs. 
  2. Make sure to get a Cricut Cutting Mat. I like having a few. Keep the clear sheet! This cover will protect the mat when you aren’t using it and help keep it cleaner!
  3. See Video at end of the post for cleaning Cricut mats. It’s not a guarantee that it will always work. NOTE: you could void the warranty on the machine. You need to replace them as needed. With that said, on occasion, this can be handy if you have multiple mats to keep clean.
  4. NOTE: with the Cricut Joy not every project needs a mat. Example: You can use the special cutting vinyl for the Cricut Joy. 
  5. Purchase a Cricut Tool Set (The toolsets are a must for peeling off the cuts from the mat! This is called weeding the design. A basic set like the one linked above is what you need in addition to the die-cutting machine and mat.
  6. Sign up for the free Cricut Design Space(explained below, it’s free to use). 
  7. Get the supplies for your specific craft project (cardstock, vinyl, iron-on, or other supplies).

Beyond that, you will need crafting supplies for the projects you plan to make. Pick your project; Use card-stock paper, vinyl, iron-on materials, or EasyPress iron… Start with what you need for a project or stock up on a few supplies. Add to your supplies as you expand what you make with your crafting projects.

  • Basic needs for starting I started with items 1-4, plus my card stock.
  • When I began making iron-on T-shirts. I added the iron-on vinyl materials and bought an EasyPress.
  • Now, I’m starting on vinyl projects. I can’t wait to share more Cricut crafts with you as I make them! 

I hope you will enjoy making things with Cricut! I’ve made banners for weddings, baby showers, party decor, holiday decor, iron-on t-shirts, embellished baby clothes with iron-on, and more! What will you be most excited to make with your Cricut? 


These items can include Cricut Deals. Head over to see what’s on sale right now! 

What is Cricut Design Space? 

  1.    Yan Design Space (with free sign-up). Download and use it on the computer or on your cell phone with the app.
  2. (or app. on your cell phone). Y
  3. Do this prior; Preview your designs prior to cutting the designs with the Cricut (Always)
  4. O
  5. Watch for Yuu will see it 
  6. Ior; Y design . T 
  7. Or you can upload your own designs, images, and SVG files. It’s really straightforward. Just follow the prompts. Details are inside the program. 
  9. Hey, did you know? You can use Cricut Design Space for designing other things besides Cricut projects. Make craft projects and printables for your kids…
  10. Here is where you can find (FREE DESIGN PROJECTS) in Design Space. And Free Featured Projects

Who loves extras? Want to jump in? Don’t know how to make designs? Try the new, all Cricut Access, options for fonts, projects…


How To Clean Your Cricut Mat

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