Teaching Kids To Sew: Creative Kids The Complete Guide To Sewing

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Are you teaching your kids to sew this year? Sewing can be both fun and rewarding. By teaching kids at a young age they have a skill that will last a life time. I taught Sammie to sew when she was younger but, this summer she’s ready for a refresher on sewing. What’s great is there is a new book due out this June to help teach kids to learn how to sew. The book is called Creative Kids The Complete Guide To Sewing.

Are you thinking of teaching your kids or even grand kids to sew this summer or anytime in the coming year s? I remember when I used to work outside the home and my mom taught a few of my older daughters one summer. Looking back I’m so glad both my mom and grandma helped them and me learn a skill we still use to this day! I can’t wait to share my latest project I’m working on with you. But, today I’m focusing on how you can teach a child to sew and what this book has to offer to help you. 

Teaching kids to sew |Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide To Sewing

Teaching Kids To Sew: 

Creative Kids The Complete Guide To Sewing

Sewing Basics 

The book covers technique instructions along with skill building lessons. There are large, beautiful images along with the instructions. The book begins with hand sewing which is the perfect introduction for children to the wonderful and fun world of sewing. Not only that but, it helps with their eye/hand coordination. The first project is a needle holder in felt. Felt is a great fabric to work with while learning. 

Teaching kids to sew:

Hand Stitching

In this project it covers hand stitching basics such as tying off a knot, blanket-stitch. It builds and teaches the skills how to make, trace and cut a pattern. When your done you child will have a flower needle holder! There are 15 projects made for boys and girls in the guide, along with templates for projects in this sewing book for kids. 

Teaching Your kid to sew | How to teach Your kid to sew


Teaching Kids To Sew:

Sewing On The Machine

When it comes to starting out with the machine stitching it covers the basics and there are sewing guides to help them practice straight stitching and curves. Next the book goes onto scrap projects for skill building and then a pot holder. 

As the kids build their skills there are project such as a tooth fairy pillow, regular pillow, coin pouch with exterior zipper and even a few clothes such as shorts and a poncho. I see quite a few projects that would be perfect even for Sammie’s skill building. She’s only made a few sachets on her own, practiced straight stitching, curves, finishing and done quite a bit of hand stitching. I think this is the year she might have more patience and be ready to learn additional sewing skills. Do you have someone ready to learn too? My favorite project in the book is a cloth tool holder for all their supplies! 

Teaching kids to sew | kids sewing | kids sewing books

Teaching Kids To Sew: 

Sewing Basics

Additionally they cover the sewing machine basics, maintenance and tools needed for sewing. Sections in the book include what skills are needed or are being learned for projects, along with tips. These are highlighted in blue for quick reference which is nice. The images are big, easy to follow and colorful. The only thing is the fabrics in some of the photos might be considered dated but, this is an adult perspective looking at it for viewing with a pre teen/teen. For a child they really that won’t matter as you’ll be picking and using your own fabric choices.

All in all, this is the perfect starter book for any child and even refresher for older kids or adults who need skill building. Of course it will take adult supervision, patience and practice to help your kids to gain the skills needed. But, sewing is a great and useful activity to teach them. There are some cute, fun and useful projects in this book! I did receive a copy to enable my review of this upcoming book. If you decide to purchase a copy I hope you and your child enjoy the journey of sewing together. 

The book is available for preview on Amazon where it’s also available for pre order and soon will be available in Paperback. Release date is June 2015 Authors are Janith Bergeron and Christine Ecker. Additionally you can look for it where books are sold starting June 1st. 

 When did you learn to sew or teach your kids to sew? 

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    1. Hi Joanna, You should it’s such a great skill to have and you can sew things for those kiddos of yours. Then teach them someday.

  1. I used to sew when I was a teenager and well into my adult years. I use to make all my daughters clothes and thought about opening a boutique, but sewing takes too much patience for me. 😉

    1. Hi Stacie, Sewing does take a bit of patience when you get to the more complicated stuff. You should just sew for fun and do easy projects for your little grand daughter.

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