We love to travel and explore new places. These are just a few of our recent trips. Fun places to see, fun things to do. We love taking day trips or traveling about the United States. Although we haven’t traveled to Europe yet, it’s on our travel bucket list. 

We share so many of our back road adventures and places to see in California. When traveling we always bring our cameras to capture memories, must see site seeing places and travel tips. We love sharing the sites, tips and travel accommodations. We hope some of our experiences help you set some travel goals or help you. Come explore a few places we have traveled to and check back often, as we add to our page. 


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  1. Things To Do In Carmel California -Where we stayed, places to eat, places to shop, sights to see…
  2. Travel Carmel, California Hofsas House Stay Not only are we sharing where we stayed but, more sites about Carmel
  3. Exploring Carmel, California We share some of the ins and outs about the quaint town of Carmel. Also things you can do nearby. Including our beach day, the iconic 17-mile drive, and more.
  4. Winchester House California Historical Site If traveling in San Jose, California the Winchester Mystery House is a must-stop. Winchester (the rifle mogul) This is a historical stop the home is filled with antiquities, history, and a gun museum.
  5. New York Travels Harbor Line Cruise  We really enjoyed touring NYC by boat as it cruised around sites about the city. We share photographs of the city of the yacht tour, along with where you can take one if visiting.
  6. New York City Travels The arrival, Brooklyn Bridge and photography.
  7. Weekend Travel Style Weekender Travel Style
  8. Monterey, California And Monterey Bay Aquarium (part 1) Monterey And Monterey Bay Aquarium
  9. Monterey, California And Aquarium Plus Tips (part 2) Tips for planning your trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium
  10. Great America Santa Clara, California Plus Insider Tips! Great America Insider Tips for Traveling and spending the day.
  11. Los Osos, California, and Nature Preserve Butterfly Sanctuary and Nature Preserve along the Central California Coast.
  12. Cayucos, California has lots of small-town coastal fun-filled with antique stores, shops, and a beach with a pier. There are also surf shops for rentals and learning how to surf. 
  13. Moonstone Beach, Cambria is a favorite spot of ours for collecting rocks, shells, and hiking along the beach. At certain times of the year, the ocean swells are too big to get down on the beach. 
  14. San Luis Obispo, California Botanical Gardens has a park, hiking trails behind it, and even camping areas. We share a few insider tips and resources for planning your trip.
  15. Central Coast, California fun stuff to do during the fall, and other times of the year. See our top 5 things to do in the fall on the Central Coast. These activities make the perfect day trips if you are a local. There are also many other family-friendly things to do in this post that will help you discover the Central Coast of California. 
  16. Dusting off winter is easy by packing our favorite beach essentials, and heading to the beach. We share our day at the beach, plus a beach packing list. Moonstone Beach, Central California is great any time of year with its walkway above on the cliffs that follow the shoreline or head down to the beach. 
  17. Hiking Montana de Oro is another fun thing to do about an hour away from Paso Robles. See our day trip to Montana de Oro it will help you plan your next hike there! 

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