Whipping Up Christmas Drinks Never Got EASIER!

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Do you enjoy getting together with family and friends over the holidays? We do. I am sharing our tips for hosting guests over the holidays and setting up your beverage areas. These are easy tips you can use to whip things up quickly in the kitchen when creating your holiday drinks, Christmas drinks or cafe drinks at home

We might be feeling a little nostalgic this Christmas. There are just some things you love repeating to create the festive vibe in your home. For us it’s creating a Christmas mood with our decor, whipping up tasty holiday drinks, recipes and enjoying company. It doesn’t stop with that, we always have New Years Eve celebrations at home. Here we go with our tips, tricks and a few must try drinks. Cheers to a safe holiday season! (recipes later in the post!) 

Christmas Drinks 

Are you looking for the easiest way to make homemade hot chocolate_ Or maybe festive Christmas drinks. Find these awesome tips for entertaining at home along with drink recipes for your holidays. DearCreatives.com #christmas #holidays #festive #drinks #hotchocolate #pepperminthotchocolate #entertainingtips #drinkrecipes

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  • When hosting guests set up your area for serving your holiday drinks and make sure you have everything you need for making them. One thing that made my holiday drinks so easy to whip up is this Aer™ Disc Container but, more about that later. 

Tips for entertaining

Things to do head of time in the kitchen

  1. Press your linen napkins or purchase cocktail napkins
  2. Pre wash cocktail glasses, wine glasses and glasses for iced beverages. Have them ready for making your cocktails (hand dry to reduce spotting)
  3. Ensure you have enough coffee cups for coffee or hot beverages (get a stylish mug holder or farmhouse tiered tray for space saving)
  4. Set up a beverage station, cocktail cart or your cocktail bar (having all your supplies in one spot will make serving easier)
  5. Have a few bar towels for spills

We have also set up our kitchen island as a beverage station. (we made this diy from a dresser) At my daughter’s house we use her breakfast bar as a beverage serving area. 

You might remember this post where I transformed a vanity to a coffee cart? If not you can view it when you are done. I made this to make more space in the kitchen for appliances I use daily such as my Vitamix….

  • If you don’t have a lot of space clear your kitchen counter and set it up for entertaining. 

Christmas Kitchen Decor Idea

This year I purchased a tiered stand for my Christmas mugs and added a few vintage items to it too. I used gold garland to decorate it. I knew I’d be making a lot of hot chocolate, peppermint hot chocolate and coffees over the holidays. I added a few cups for us and a cup and plate for cookies for Santa. I also included a vintage Christmas children’s book-set. I placed this on our coffee cart I upcycled from a vanity. 

Get ready to whip up a wonderful Christmas with this homemade whip cream and hot chocolate recipe that is so delicious! Not to mention easy. See more at DearCreatives.com #homemade #hotchocolate #whipcream #Christmasdrinks

Make things easy on yourself by deciding what holiday drinks you will be serving. 

  • If you are serving hot chocolate make homemade whip cream and have toppings on hand (see our list of ideas for topping hot chocolate below) 
  • For chai drinks and lattes have chai concentrate (or make a homemade chai in advance) plus your favorite milk or non dairy milk on hand. 
  • Coffee lovers set up your espresso machines ensuring you have enough espresso or espresso pods. Or coffee grounds if you are making brewed coffee. 
  • For bar drinks keep it simple pick one or two classic cocktail recipes and wine or champagne for serving guests. 
  • Always serve water we love using a beverage dispenser like this. 

homemade whip cream - how to make whip cream at home

We made hot chocolate right in our Vitamix blender with the Aer™ Disc Container. Believe me it comes out the perfect temperature and is sooo good! We also made whip cream. It was so easy. 

How to make homemade whip cream

  • For a big batch of homemade whip cream. Use 3 cups of heavy whipping cream. Plus 1/3 cup granulated sugar. (Vitamix recipe)
  • I made a small batch of whip cream. Use 1 cup whipping cream, 2 tablespoons powder sugar, and 1/2 tsp. vanilla.
  • Add ingredients into your blender and run for 45 sec. to 1 minute. (or use your hand mixer and a large mixing bowl if you don’t have the Aer

I say let it snow! Because we have the best hot chocolate recipe for you today!

Homemade hot chocolate 

Homemade hot chocolate with whip cream and peppermint. see how easy it is to make this festive hot chocolate drink. DearCreatives.comHow to make the best homemade hot chocolate 

Add chocolate chips (6 ounces)

Then add your favorite milk. (2 cups) We used vanilla almond milk. Then blend it’s that easy! 

Making hot chocolate in a Vitamix blender DearCreatives.com

Start on low then increase speed to 10 and let the Vitamix blender with Aer™ Disc Container run for 6 minutes. 

Pouring hot chocolate from a Vitamix blender into a cup. Dearcreatives.com

Reduce speed, shut off, remove lid and pour into your hot beverage cup. 

No stove top, microwave needed. Great for making several cups of hot chocolate at one time. It turns out the perfect sipping temperature. 

Do you want to make peppermint hot chocolate with candy canes? 

Homemade hot chocolate made with homemade whip cream and peppermint. Easy Peppermint Hot Chocolate recipe. Dearcreatives.com

Next we added our homemade whip cream topping, and add crushed peppermint candy or peppermint candy canes to the top. This makes a festive non alcoholic Christmas drink. The peppermint candy melts making this taste like your favorite cafe’s peppermint hot chocolate. This is such an easy hot chocolate recipe that turns out rich and creamy hot chocolate, 

Festive Drink Recipes

Festive Drink Recipes Non alcoholic Christmas drinks-Festive Drink Recipes- plus easy tips for making drinks and cocktails at home. Hot Chocolate and other homemade holiday drinks. Grab the recipes and see how easy it is to host guests at your home with our tips. DearCreatives.com

Are you looking for other festive Christmas ideas for your hot chocolate? Try adding orange, vanilla, coconut extracts. If you don’t want to use peppermint candy use peppermint extract. You will find these drink recipes and more cocktail recipes in the manual or on their site. 

Our favorite drink and cocktail making tools

  •  Vitamix blender  (See how we used it here and grab a Strawberry Smoothie recipe or See how we used the Vitamix Personal adapter )
  • Aer™ Disc Container  can whip, foam, muddle and emulsify. PBA FREE Effortless Craft Cocktails: Make batches of handcrafted-quality cocktails in a fraction of the time. Unlike a typical blending container. PS it’s self cleaning and dishwasher safe! Hollar! 

Vitamix Aer Disc Container review and recipe DearCreatives.com

Our thoughts, I also made chai and the foam from the Aer Disc Container was the best foam I have ever had (next to mine, ha!) and I’ve worked as a barista. It can foam both cold and hot beverages. Hello cafe drinks at home! (I promise to share soon) I can’t wait to make a few more coffee drink recipes, cocktails and mocktails to share with you. 

If you make cocktails at home all the time or coffee drinks it is well worth owning the Aer™ Disc Container attachment for your Vitamix blenders. They would make a nice bar gift too. Just sayin’ tis the season. 

Whipping Up Christmas Drinks and New Years Drinks Never Got EASIER! Looking for drink recipes to serve over the holidays? You need to see this! #drinkrecipes #christmas #newyears #kitchentips #easy #entertaining #parties #drinks #hotchocolate #whipcream #cocktails #coffee #cheers #dearcreatives


Do you have one yet? Have you seen it in action? 

Looking for more drinks and cocktails to make? 

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