DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Fun and Festive Christmas Idea

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There is nothing as fun as heading to a holiday sweater party during Christmas season. Whether you are getting ready to go to a Christmas party, are having an ugly Christmas sweater party or just want one to wear for Christmas…. Who is ready to DIY UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS

Maybe  you are looking for an easy way to make your own Ugly Christmas Sweater? Today we are going to show you how to decorate your own Ugly Christmas Sweater. We love adding to our Christmas craft ideas and holiday party ideas. 


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There are a lot of kids in our family and it would be so much fun to have them decorate their own Christmas sweaters. I can’t wait to plan our own sweater decorating party. Recently Sammie went to a youth group holiday party. She made her own ugly sweater. I loved how it turned out and it was so inexpensive since we used our own sweater

Whether you decide to have a party or just make your own ugly Christmas sweater we made a list of what you will need and how to make them. It’s so easy! 

Ugly Christmas Sweater - DIY packed full of ideas for your ugly Christmas sweater. These are festive and fun. DearCreatives.com #uglychristmassweater #diy

Do you have a red, green, white or even blue sweater or sweatshirt or ugly sweater laying around? You could save on the cost of purchasing the sweater for this Christmas project. 

Craft Supplies

Are you just making just one ugly sweater for yourself? You might like this Ugly Christmas Sweater decorating kit.

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater - Do you want to make your own ugly Christmas sweater_ See how to, tips and all kinds of ideas for decorating your ugly sweater. DearCreatives.com #diy #uglychristmassweater #uglychristmassweaterideas

You probably have at some of the supplies on hand if you craft or sew. You can pick up things head of time or order what you need all at once, which is what I like to do. I’m a list maker. I see what I have, and then make a list of what I need. Then I order my supplies on Amazon since I have Prime (with free 2 day shipping). You can also check your local Dollar stores or craft stores for seasonal supplies. Other craft supplies you can use that are inexpensive are packs of Christmas bows, ribbons, jingle bells…..

If you are throwing a party have everyone bring their own sweater or sweatshirt to decorate and just set up a sweater decorating station with your decorating and craft supplies. Have a couple of bottles of fabric glue, and a glue gun so at least a few people at a time can decorate their sweaters.

You might like to use a lazy Susan with dishes to hold the decorating supplies or an organizing tray like the one above for the craft supplies.

Be sure to set up a photo shoot area to add to the fun. It can be as simple as hanging a tinsel back drop to a wall.

Ugly Christmas Sweater - DIY Dearcreatives.com

How to make an Ugly Christmas Sweater

  1. Lay out your sweater or sweatshirt on the table
  2. If the fabric is really thin place a towel in between the front and the back
  3. Warm up the glue gun and have it on a protected surface (I like having a ceramic dish under to catch any dripping from the glue gun when it’s not in use) Or use a glue gun holster
  4. Use fabric glue for rhinestones, pom poms, pipe cleaner, Christmas bows
  5. Use hot glue for heavier items such as mini Christmas stockings, jingle bells, broaches, and mini candy canes
  6. Decorate your sweaters by placing items all over the sweater in random patterns 
  7. When done set sweater down laying flat for any glue to dry 

Have fun making your holidays festive with this easy Christmas craft project.

 DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater fun, festive ideas for making your own ugly Christmas sweaters or planning an ugly Christmas sweater party for the holidays. #christmas #uglychristmassweater #diy #dearcreatives #festive #fun #crafts #party #ideas

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  • PS these would make a fun Christmas gift or last minute Christmas gift to make someone. 

Have you ever made your own ugly sweater or had an ugly sweater party? 

Or would you rather buy an ugly Christmas Sweater? 

Looking for more ideas for Christmas crafts that are fun? 

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! 

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