Inspiration Spotlight Linkup Party 327 – Join us!

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Before we kick off this week’s Inspiration Spotlight party. I’d like to thank everyone who has shared their posts or visited posts over this past year. I really appreciate the community you bring along with creativity in all it’s forms. We can’t wait to see your crafts, diys, home decor ideas, recipes and other things you share with us. 

Inspiration Spotlight Party Update

Also I know that the past few week’s with the change in code their has been a bit of confusion. As bloggers using link up platforms we don’t own the coding or rules they make for entering your links.

As mentioned before it’s asking for a one time email verification (OR) social media to enter. Then you should be able to enter all your inlinkz parties. I am not sure why they added that but, I can only imagine it’s to detour spam entries from happening.

With that said we will see how it goes this week. 
Just to let you know I had to do it myself for entering my favorite parties. I know it’s a small hoop to jump through but, You basically submit your email or social. Verify it is you from an email they send if done with email. Then enter your blog post as usual. No other hoops to jump through. With that said I hope you can still share your lovely posts. I know they are updating their platform so this has to do with that. Also I made it so all you have to do is click to enter vs. waiting for party with all the entries to load. This should make it go faster. Trying to make it work for everyone. 😉 

Inspiration Spotlight Party 

All family friendly posts welcome from our community of bloggers

Inspiration Spotlight Linkup Party

Inspiration Spotlight Linkup Party | linkup-party-inspiration-spotlight-party- are-bloggers-sharing-their-favorite-blogging-tips-beauty-fashion-crafts-diys-home-decor-recipes-and-more-join-us

  • Your content will still be shared throughout the week and beyond on all social media channels, and pinned on Pinterest. And also in Roundups.
  • I will not be able to comment on everyone’s shared posts weekly but, try to comment on as many as possible when visiting. 
  • If you want to be included in all our roundups add your site here 
  • If your new here comments need to be approved due to the amount of spam and we respond on our posts. Don’t let commenting approval system detour you from commenting. I approve comments when I pop in to view and share your posts.
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Inspiration Spotlight Linkup Party 327


          • The only rules are: No Linkup Parties! Please Do Not Linkup Your Parties! They will be deleted.
          • Grab a Button or share a direct link on your post, party page or site! The more the merrier and they’ll see your posts!
          • Please don’t forget to visit at least one or two entries from the blogging linkup party. 
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          • Thanks for joining in!
          • Rather than have the party load just click to submit entries or view blog posts. 

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