Easy Recipes: Savory & Mild Jalapeño Dip Appetizer

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Who is ready for a new appetizer recipe? Bonus it’s an easy recipe. We love easy recipes. I typically share them every Monday if your new here. This appetizer recipe came together one weekend in my home kitchen. I was thinking about what I could pair with these yummy blue tortilla chips we had just purchased and put in the cupboard.

When I was in the cupboard I saw I had some Just Mayo I hadn’t tried yet too. I pulled my items. Grabbed my fresh jalapeños peppers mixture from the fridge. I had just canned some jalapenos so I already had peppers chopped up and ready to put into something. But, don’t worry I’ll share everything you need below.

Can you see my wheels turning? A recipe was starting to develop. Chips, mayo, jalapeño, peppers, lime, cilantro….. a dip recipe was soon forming in my mind. I set out to create an appetizer that I could use over and over again for gatherings or just for my family weekend snackers. Who is ready to get mixing? Then dipping!

Easy Recipes

 Mild Jalapeño Dip Appetizer

Easy Appetizer Recipe Mild Jalapeno Dip

The best part is you can adapt this recipe easily. Make it thicker or thinner to your liking. Spice it up or keep it milder like I did. Ahem, this is going to have you dipping in no time flat!

Easy Recipes Appetizer Savory Jalapeno Dip
Oh, sorry I couldn’t help myself. Now, let me get back to sharing how to make the recipe. Make it then get dip, dip, dipping!

Easy Recipes Making appetizer adding mayo
Just grab a bowl, knife, fork and food processor those are the kitchen tools you need. Next I added 4 oz. of cream cheese and 1/4 cup of Just Mayo in Garlic flavor in a bowl. If you need vegan substitutions I have that in the recipe card notes.

Easy Recipes Appetizer jalapenos cream cheese and mayonaise in a bowl

 I also added 1/4 cup Just Mayo in Sriracha flavor and my chopped jalapeños. At first I thought I’d make it in the bowl.

easy recipe making an appetizer
 Then I realized I needed to really cream it by adding it to the food processor, as I didn’t soften my cream cheese first. I wrote it in the recipe the right way! Soften first.

Easy Recipes Mixing appetizer ingredeints in a food processor

I gave it a few spins then added a freshly rinsed cilantro bunch about a half cup. Wow, what was I thinking this is so much easier! lol If you don’t have a food processor let the cream cheese soften just prior to starting and chop your cilantro by hand. Then just cream it by hand until texture is the consistency you like.

Easy Recipes Jalapeno Dip

 Since the jalapeños are seeded this is mild with a savory flavor thanks to the Just Mayo flavors. Want to kick it up a k-notch? Leave in some jalapeño seeds and add crushed garlic.

Easy Recipes

 Mild Jalapeño Dip Appetizer Recipe

Easy Jalapeño Dip

Savory, mild dip that can be used with tortilla chips or make slightly thicker or a spread for crackers.
Author Theresa DearCreatives.com


  • 1/2 cup Chopped Peppers one of each jalapeño, poblano chilie pepper and red bell pepper
  • 1/4 cup Just Mayo garlic flavor
  • 1/4 cup Just Mayo sriracha flavor
  • 1/2 cup Sour Cream
  • 4 oz. cream cheese softened
  • 1/2 cup rinsed loosely packed cilantro
  • 1/2 squeezed lime
  • Pepper Corn Grinder
  • Salt


  1. one of each peppers listed below, chopped and mixed to measure half cup
  2. jalapeño, poblano chilie pepper and red bell pepper
  3. Add chopped peppers to food processor
  4. Then add Just Mayo s, sour cream and lime into food processor
  5. 10 turned cracked pepper (if serving with salted tortilla chips keep salt to a dash if you add it!)
  6. Blend slightly by pulsing.
  7. Next add Cilantro and blend until it's chopped & mixed in. Alternately you can pre- chop and toss in, then pulse a few times until blended.
  8. Next add cilantro and blend.

Recipe Notes

Spice it up? Add jalapeño peppers with seeds and a little crushed garlic to the mixture. This dip fills one average size dip bowl that goes in a chips n' dip set. Easily serves 4-6.
Vegan substitutions: Use Tofutti instead of cream cheese and Vegan Gourmet Sour Cream instead of traditional cream cheese.

Besides tortilla chips you can serve this dip with cut up veggies or crackers. Keep refrigerated until serving. Top with additional finely chopped peppers and garnish with cilantro just before serving.

Todays’ recipe has Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo in it. I did receive samples to try and review. The Just Mayo products are great on sandwiches, wraps and in your favorite recipes… This creamy, delicious product comes in plain, garlic, shriracha and chipotle.

  • The Just Mayo is Non-GMO & Kosher except for the shriracha. 
  • The products are gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, lactose-free and soy-free
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Easy Recipes Just Mayo Food Products

Have you tried Just Mayo? What would you make with any of these flavored mayos?

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