Coffee Time: Fall Favorites A Season To Love

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Autumn is my favorite season. What’s yours? The crisp foggy mornings, warm days with the fog rolling back in again, the colors of the leaves and my roses blooming. I love wearing sweaters, boots, baking and creating in my kitchen with the sunlight pouring through the windows. Not to mention it’s another excuse to heat up a cup of coffee. Today I’m sharing a free fall printable along with all the reasons I love fall. And my coffee time fall favorites.

On crisp autumn days, I love crafting, canning and practically live in my kitchen. It’s the heart of my home. You’ll even find me listening to Sammie read me her Spanish lessons. We often have chats about school, what projects we’d like to try, what I need to get done along with scheduling. Fall has made our lives full in more ways than one.

Coffee Time

Fall Favorites A Season To Love

coffee time Coffee and Fall

 Coffee lovers, pumpkin lovers I know it’s been a long wait for Starbucks Pumpkin Latte season. It’s finally here. What’s not to love about sipping your favorite beverages while working, taking care of the kids or relaxing? Honestly, I never need an excuse to enjoy a coffee or everything that fall brings.

Reasons To Love Fall 

Pumpkin spice latter in a cup with whip cream and cinnamon

  1. On weekends we enjoy watching movies together.
  2. My most-requested cookie that I bake is our favorite snickerdoodle cookies (find the recipe here).
  3. Cookies are the perfect sweet treat for when we watch a movie or show.
  4. I also enjoy brewing coffee to go with them. One of my annual favorites has been Starbucks Fall Blend. Have you ever tried it?
  5. You might remember when I shared it last year in this post which also has a fall free printable bucket list(The new printable is below)

What is a good coffee for fall?

One of the reasons I love the fall blend coffee is all the complexity, smoothness and flavors. It’s a must-try if you have never had it. The flavors change just slightly each year. The coffee beans are from Sumatra, Kenya, and Peru. This always makes me super excited to try what this years’ coffee beans will taste like.

Work in progress fall wreath

As a blogger, crafter, and mom I have plenty of time to enjoy coffee, while I work at home. I enjoy having a cup of coffee when I am doing things like making wreaths (and fall wreaths) and working on DIY projects. The day I received my box of goodies to try Sammie and I were going to work on a print-making project.

Coffees To Good To Pass Up!

Pumpkin Spice Latte and coffee time

 After picking Sammie up from school that day, we had a little mom and me time. I made the instant Via Pumpkin Latte, added whip cream and sprinkled cinnamon on top! Then, I pulled out the things for our project and had a play date before homework. I must admit that is one of the perks of having a teen, oh and the Via Instant Latte.

Starbucks Via Instant Latte Pumpkin Spice Latte package and coffee time

Did you know Starbucks came out with a new instant pumpkin latte? We didn’t even have to go grab a cup of coffee at the coffee shop. In a matter of minutes, it was ready. Heat up hot water, stir in and if you like top with whip cream. I also love adding cinnamon on top. Seriously, in minutes we had our savor moment. Oh, yum! The flavors of the pumpkin spice latte have of cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin. Fall in a cup!

coffee time for Coffee Lovers Fall Coffees Starbucks Coffee

Of course, every day isn’t as perfect. That is life. But, I’ll take those perfect days, fall tastes and bookmark them in my mind. Do you have autumn days that you just savor? Be sure to grab a few by capturing them in photos too. They tend to fly by!

The perfect coffee time is whenever you are ready for a pick me up! 

starbucks fall coffees coffee timeThis fall or anytime you are ready, I hope you get a chance to try the new Starbucks® Via Instant Late “Pumpkin Spice Latte” it might just color your world. If your looking for a coffee to brew don’t forget to try my seasonal favorite coffee beans, Starbucks® Fall Blend Coffee.

A Taste of Fall coffee time

We are ambassadors for Starbucks Coffee Company where you can find your perfect blend to enjoy anytime. These are my own thoughts and 100% honest opinions.

Free Fall Printables 

  1. Here’s a free fall printable for you to enjoy!

  2. Don’t forget to grab the printable fall bucket list too.

Are you a coffee lover? Be sure to use the hashtag #CoffeePassion when sharing your love of coffee and all things Starbucks. #PLS for all you Pumpkin Spice Latte lovers be sure to include @DearCreatives and let me know what your favorite coffee beverage is and fall moments! Don’t forget to include @Starbucks 

Starbucks Fall Blend Coffee coffee time

I got a new commuter mug perfect for those chilly mornings, to keep my coffee warm or to take with me when running errands. 

Coffee lovers, are you looking for perfect pairings?

Enjoy these recipes to go with your fall coffee

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  1. This looks delicious! My favorite season is Spring with Fall at a close second. And yes, I am thrilled to see the pumpkin coffee flavors back in stores and coffee shops everywhere.

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