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Summer Bucket List Ideas – Printable

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Summer Bucket List Ideas– Summer is upon us and if you have kids, tweens, teens, or grandkids you will need to keep them busy! Use this list of ideas to jump-start your sunny days!

Print this Summer Bucket List filled with activities for the kids and family. Use the ideas to help you keep your kids busy all summer long (even on rainy days). Check off or cross off items as you do them. Plus, see all the crafts for kids, crafts, projects, and DIYs… to help you tackle summer boredom.

I’m looking forward to having my grandkids visit. Having fun things to do in the summer and boredom busters keeps them busy and having fun! Honestly, I can’t believe my youngest child is in college. A word to young mamas blink twice and you are there. I hope this helps you plan fun things with your kiddos.

Find even more ideas and things to print when you are done by seeing all our Summer Printables.

Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List - Ideas and activities for families, kids, tweens, teens filled with things to do. Additional ideas on the post. Print the list of ideas for summer at DearCreatives.com

The printable files are at the bottom of the post. Are looking for something else? See all our free printables and printable freebies.

All you need to print the bucket list for summer is a good printer (this is what I use it’s a Canon craft printer), ink, and printer/copy paper. In a hurry scroll down to the files. Happy Printing!

Summer Bucket List Ideas

Things to do in the summer

  1. Go on a picnic
  2. Play at the park
  3. Go to the zoo
  4. Play in the water
  5. Have a movie night
  6. Sleep in a tent
  7. Go to the beach
  8. Take a walk
  9. Go swimming
  10. Go on a road trip
  11. Visit the Lake
  12. Ice cream party
  13. Go hiking
  14. Make Popsicles
  15. Wear sunglasses
  16. Read books
  17. Ride a bike
  18. Play Badminton
  19. Camp Outdoors
  20. Go star gazing
  21. Play water balloons
  22. Build a sandcastle
  23. Pick strawberries
  24. Go on vacation
  25. Play baseball
  26. Go to a ballgame
  27. Roast marshmallows
  28. Have a sleepover
  29. Float on a raft
  30. Go to the aquarium

Reusable Water Balloons

Fun activities for summer

Ideas and activities you can do with kids, tweens, and teens.

  1. Make lemonade! Pineapple Lemonade recipe. Peach strawberry Lemonade.
  2. Go on a beach scavenger hunt (printable)
  3. Go on a nature scavenger hunt (printable)
  4. Go geo-caching (geo-caching stickers)
  5. DIY summer camp (ideas and printables)
  6. Do these Harry Potter Activities (Printable word search, scramble, and puzzles)
  7. Keep a reading chart (printable)
  8. Clean your room (Kids Chore Chart -printable)
  9. Keep track of your days with a daily planner printable.
  10. Help make a summer garden. Keep extra seeds in this seed envelope template printable.
  11. Free printable camping checklist for summer camps, camping; resources, and links to lots of camping checklists.
  12. Kids Activity Jar DIY – You will want to make this and see even more ideas for having fun with the kids all summer long. 
  13. Make these fun and easy DIY Macrame Rainbows with a few craft supplies.
  14. This is a fun and easy paint craft. Get tips, and instructions for how to paint CDs.
  15. How to tie-dye tee shirts
  16. How to Make a Butterfly Feeder &  House This is a fun summer activity for the kids. Not only does this summer craft get kids into the garden, but it also shows them how to help butterflies thrive. 
  17. 45 kids Crafts and Activities to keep your kids busy and have fun while learning!
  18. 45 American Girl Craft Kits & DIYs
  19. Kids Crafts 15 Kids Crafts DIYs To Make With The Kids 
  20. 21 Cute & Fun Origami Crafts For Kids
  21. Fun With Stitchables Kids Crafts Books and Activities 
  22. Glow In The Dark Rock Painting
  23. 16 Craft Kids For Kids To Keep Them Busy
  24. Crafts for Kids
  25. Summer Crafts 
  26. Beach Crafts
  27. Unicorn DIY Crafts

Summer Bucket List Printable

PDF Files Summer Bucket List

PNG Files For Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List - Ideas and activities for families, kids, tweens, teens filled with things to do. Additional ideas on the post. DearCreatives.com

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Happy Summer! What summer plans do you have?

Need more ideas for summer?

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