Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt

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Grab this Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt. Are you looking for a printable kids activity? Use this eye-spy kid’s activity printable when you go on a nature walk.

One of my favorite things to do with my kids was to take nature walks. And now, I love going on nature walks with my grandkids. Are looking for something else? See all our free printables. Or scroll down to see all the other Printable Kids Activities.

Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt

Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt -Printable Kids Activity - DearCreatives.com

The printable and downloadable files are at the end of the post!

This nature walk scavenger hunt printable can be used any time of the year. All they need is you to print the checklist, a small clipboard, and a pencil. There are images to help the smaller kids find the items. Bigger kids can enjoy adding field notes.

Use this printable for teaching kids about nature. And even use this as an Earth Day Activity. You might like these activities too (Earth Day Crafts To Make and Activities).

What to pack on a hike with kids?

Pack a small lightweight hiking backpack with essentials. Our must-have are these items.

A small retractable magnifying glass like this. It’s easy to print and bring the scavenger hunt! (a small clipboard is optional) Don’t forget your cell phone and charger.

Easy Hikes With Kids In Central, California

  • Fiscalini Ranch Preserve – 1 mile long – Cambria, California
  • Bluff Trail Cambria California – 2.4-mile loop – Cambria California
  • Harmony Headlands – 4.3-mile loop – Between Cayucos and Harmony. Parking is often taken. Might be harder with smaller kids. Use a pack or stroller. The trail descends through a picturesque ravine before reaching a bluff overlooking the ocean. This might be the hardest part of the trail.
  • Moonstone Beach Trail – 2 miles long. Easy and kid-friendly.

For more trails and other hikes, we like to use the All Trails app. It has hiker reviews. And helpful hiking information about the trials. Do you enjoy taking nature walks?

Printable Kids Activities

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Some of these aren’t exclusives.

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Nature Walk Printable for second graders and above to write their memories.

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Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt For Kids

Download and Print The Files

Print the files and take the kids on a nature walk! Enjoy the printables! Do you have Canva Pro yet? I love it for making some of my printables. If you have it and want to edit the file for personal use let me know via email.

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