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Rock Painting Kit Review (glow-in-the-dark)

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Do you want an easy way to try rock painting? Just grab a craft kit or supplies. But, since I tried a Glow In The Dark Rock Painting Kit I thought I would share a review, what comes in it, how we liked it, tips for using it, and a few other rock painting ideas…

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For today’s review, I purchased this kit at the craft store to use and review.

Glow In The Dark Rock Painting Kit Review

Rock Painting Kit Review - See what's in the kit, tips and what we liked and to expect when using the craft kit. DearCreatives.com

The craft kit we tried was the Creativity for Kids Glow In The Dark Rock Painting Kit – Paint 10 Rocks with Water Resistant Glow Paint – Crafts for Kids

This is not a paid review, I didn’t receive it for free. I purchased this to try with my grandkids when they stayed with me while I was homeschooling them for a week. Giving their mom a break from homeschooling 4 kids!

Recently I grabbed a craft kit for rock painting. It had supplies to do glow-in-the-dark painted rocks. This kit is good for so many ages kids, teens, and adults. (they recommend ages 6-96) I tend to agree on the ages for this craft project. But, there may be a few kids ages 4-5 who are more mature and able to do this with help.

One of our favorite rock painting memories was for Sam’s sixteenth birthday. More about the supplies we used and rock craft we did later. Have you ever tried painting on rocks?

Supplies from the rock painting kit, paper to protect the table, paints, glow paint tubes, instructions, water container, paintbrush...DearCreatives.com

Included in the rock painting craft kit

  • The instructions
  • 1 paintbrush
  • Pre-portioned acrylic paint
  • Glow in the dark paint tubes
  • 2 bags of 5 rocks
  1. The kit is good for one to three kids/people but, if more than one is using the kit you will need another paintbrush or two.
  2. If you divide the kit up its 3 rocks per kid/person for three or 5 rocks each for two, and 10 rocks for one kid/person.
  3. You will also need a newspaper, a board, a plastic table cloth, or another protective surface to keep your tables paint-free.
  4. You will need a container or plastic cup for water.
  5. I recommend you have paper towels handy too.
  6. When painting rocks with younger kids I recommend supervision.

We even collected more rocks on a hike. Then we washed and dried them to use with the rock painting kit.

Therea Huse

I have to admit the rocks aren’t the biggest but, come in a variety of sizes and are a good surface for painting.

Rock Painting

Painting on rocks - a child painting a rock DearCreatives.com

What to expect prior to painting the rocks

  • Steps before beginning it’s recommended to wash and dry rocks off prior to painting.
  • Then, when painting them, you will need to let the paint dry prior to adding the glow-in-the-dark paint.
  • There was plenty of acrylic paint and glow-in-the-dark paint tubes to do additional rocks.
Rock Painting Instructions and Painted rocks with glow in the dark rock painting kit. - Review and tips DearCreatives.com

My thoughts about the craft kit and the rock painting kit review

  • The craft kit was well worth the price.
  • It was better than I had expected despite the size of some of the rocks overall.
  • The kids had so much fun.
  • Remember to supervise and instruct them to let the paint dry before decorating the rocks with glow tube paints.
  • The kit, paint, and glow paint tubes are easy to use!
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  • Not making the craft project now? Pin it for later!
Finished Rocks painted by kids with a glow in the dark rock painting kit - DearCreatives.com .

Looking for more ideas?

Rock Painting Ideas

This rock painting kit would make a great gift for a kid’s birthday, a birthday activity, a kids activity, or a kid’s activity for Easter, Christmas, or other holidays.

Rock painting craft kits can be used for a sunny day outside, a rainy day activity, or a snow day activity.

Paint rocks with cute messages, and uplifting words, and hide them for people to find. (Kindness Rocks Ideas) My grandson found one when we were out at the park and that is what gave me the idea to grab a kit for them to try!

DIY Photo Holders

DIY Rock Photo Holder

Alternatively, you could just purchase river rocks (shown below) and a set of ink paint pens.

This is the set of metallic rock painting pens we used. I also purchased copper wire so the teens at the party could make rock photo holders with their painted rocks. That is what we used for the 16th birthday party. They had so much fun! If I find the photos to that I will add them later.

You could use copper wire in addition to the kit we reviewed to make photo holders too!

Both ways are fun but, the glow in the dark rock painting kit was a huge hit with the grandkids. And it was affordable and perfect for their age group 6-12.

Creativity for Kids Glow in the Dark Rock Painting Kit:

I’d recommend the other rock painting projects for kids 12-adults.

To be honest you and or the kids will enjoy rock painting any time you get the supplies or a kit! Rock painting is a fun activity that anyone can do!

When was the last time you tried a craft kit? Or rock painting?

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Happy Crafting!

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