13 Reasons Bulldog Love Is Sweeter Than Christmas

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We’ve had a lot of family pets. Dogs, cats, birds, fish (why do they always go belly up?) and more. As a mom I never had time for that, when I was raising my four older kids. I’m just kidding. They had pets but, mostly outdoor pets. A bunch of barn cats, pigs, chickens, dogs and some strays that always managed to come up on the property. Time flies! No it’s us with my last kid in the nest. When she spotted our English bulldog in the pet store we were all smitten. Or was he a vampire and we were bitten? 

Because out of all these pets we ever had he is the sweetest thing we ever owned. Bulldog love is sweeter than Christmas. And today I’m sharing 13 reasons why. I know I use to look at them and think they are kind of ugly, with their big jetting jaws. But, at the same time they were cute with their pug noses, sweet eyes and sad faces. Bulldogs have personality plus! So, let me share why this bully that we named Rex has become our best pet ever and unwrap today’s story, and dog lovers lifestyle.

Family Pets

bulldog family pet

Family Pets:

13 Reasons Bulldog Love Is Sweeter Than Christmas

  1. Loyalty: They will follow you around or lay by your feet all day long
  2. Sweet: Bulldogs are super gentle and make great family pets
  3. Fun: Loves to play with cats, chase balls, ride skateboards….
  4. Goofy: Not because they look like the character goofy but, they can make the silliest faces (especially when running see last image)
  5. Attentive: When you have a bad day they can tell and come over to cheer you up
  6. Stubborn: You might have to tell them more than once to do something and have patience for their training
  7. Good Travelers: They are happy to sit in the back of the car and ride where ever you take them
  8. Strong: Their bodies are very strong with their big chests 
  9. Quiet: We had a barker terrier before (no offence to terrier lovers) I trained Rex by ignoring his barking when he was a pup. (Yeah, YouTube videos!) He’s not a barker.
  10. Snorter: When they get excited they kind of snort through their noses, blowing air
  11. Playful:  Because when your ready to go play, they are ready to go play!
  12. Walkers: They love taking walks with you! (But, you need to keep them cool. No mid day walks)
  13. When you get a bulldog or other dog: You unwrap their love, it’s the gift that keeps on giving! 

Family Pets:

We love treating our family pets (yes, we have cats too) to treats, new toys and upgrading their necessities such as leashes…as needed. Today’s post was brought to you by Chewy.com Where pet lovers love to shop! They sponsored Rex with a new minty bouncy ball toy, treats and new leash. 

Fetch Dog Ball minty and bouncy

He loves this ball. Whether I’m tossing it for him, he’s running for it or he’s holding it in his mouth to play with it. These are his honest opinions. He loved them all! 

Bulldog Family Pet Supplies Toys and Treats

Family Pets: 

Where pet lovers shop: 

If you love your pet’s I highly recommend checking out Chewy.com for all your pet needs! 

What type of pets do you or your family have? 

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  1. Rex is adorable! And this “You unwrap their love, it’s the gift that keeps on giving! ” is the best quote ever! We have a pup named Jasper that is a Lab/Border Collie mix. He stole our hearts at the pet store too. He’s aggravating and loveable at the same time. We also have a new kitten named Honey that he has sort of adopted as his own. It’s the cutest thing to watch them play together.

    I love your post and agree that Bulldog love (or any puppy love) is a lot like Christmas. Sweet as can be!

    1. Thanks Crystal! How fun to have a new kitten. I love the name honey! Oh, that combo dog sounds fun. I bet he has high energy. Hope to see you again soon.

  2. Aw, look at him go! We have a pug and I love him but he’s so picky. He’s getting old now and he doesn’t want to do anything anymore. He used to be much more active.

    1. Rex is only 2 he is pretty active when it’s not hot out. He hates the heat and lays low until it cools off then he has energy to burn off. lol Aw, but I bet he’s precious. I love pugs and considered getting one at one time.

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