21 Cute And Fun Origami Kids Crafts You’ll Love Making With Your Kids!

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Do you ever want to try new crafts for kids? Or learn a new DIY to share with them? Origami for kids is a fun paper craft technique that is pretty easy to learn. Today I’ve rounded up some great Origami crafts for kids to get you started.

Some of these ideas are quick and easy. I remember sitting down with my grandma and her teaching us Origami animals as kids. We loved it. What’s nice is this craft only takes a few origami paper supplies and tries before you will know lots of Origami techniques.

Do you remember making the koodie catcher as a kid? How about making a box or cube? Those were just a few of the Origami DIYs my grandma taught us. But, I remember wanting to learn more as she mastered how to make birds, butterflies and other easy origami animals or simple origami flowers. See all the fun origami paper crafts below. 

Origami for Kids

Crafts For Kids | Origami | 21 Cute & Fun Origami Crafts For Kids

Origami Paper Crafts 

  1. Easy Origami Butterflies. from gatheringbeauty.com
  2. Giant Origami Clowns from creativejewishmom.com
  3. Pre-columbian Style Origami Frog from goorigami.com
  4. DIY Origami Chore Game from themerrythought.com
  5. DIY Origami Paper Monsters from hellowonderful.co
  6. Quick And Easy Minion Bookmark Craft For Kids from onecreativemommy.com
  7. Origami Frogs Tutorial from easypeasyandfun.com
  8. Artsy Origami Butterfly Stick Toys from pinkstripeysocks.com
  9. Easy Origami Whale from redtedart.com
  10. Easy Origami Bear Disneynatures Bear Printables from allfortheboys.com
  11. DIY Geometric Paper Wall Art from jampaper.com
  12. Transforming Ninja Star from whatdowedoallday.com
  13. Origami Fish With Easy Folding Instructions from childhood101.com
  14. DIY Origami Fortune Teller from petitandsmall.com
  15. Origami Bow from aspoonfulofsugardesigns.com
  16. Origami Toys Fish and Bird from createwithmom.com
  17. Origami Crowns from cuttingtinybites.com
  18. Origami Jumping Frogs With Easy Folding Instructions from itsalwaysautumn.com
  19. Easy Origami Tulip Craft For Kids from artsycraftsymom.com
  20. How To Make An Origami Rabbit from tinkerlab.com
  21. How To Make Folded Paper Bracelets from picklebums.com

Origami is awesome for kids not only for fun creative play but, for manual dexterity and learning patience. I’m sure you love trying any of these easy origami animals, flowers, and shapes. 

What Origami paper crafts will you make with your kids? 

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