DIY Macrame Rainbow – Yarn Rope Wall Hanging

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When I was on Etsy I kept seeing pretty rope Macrame Rainbows to hang on the wall. They come in all kinds of colors and sizes to hang for wall decor. But, I didn’t want to buy one I wanted to make a macrame rainbow. With a little bit of research, I did just that. Are you ready to make one too? Let me show you how to DIY Macrame Rainbow

What I like is this is a beginner craft project and so easy to make! Although we have made this for a summer craft, this craft can be made at any time of the year. Rain or Shine, make this to brighten your day or someone else’s day! 

Macrame Rainbow

Macrame Rainbow made from rope wrapped yarn... DIY at DearCreatives.com

These are colorful rope rainbows made of cotton rope and colorful yarns. This design has backing of felt that will hold it together. With a few simple craft supplies, you can make a macrame rainbow. This is a fun DIY craft project anyone can do! Hang them in a nursery, kids room or office… You can adapt the size and colors to coordinate with your decor.

This is the perfect beginner project if you are just starting out with DIY macrame wall hangings. I will have a list to a few other related projects we want to try at the bottom of the post.


Craft supplies you will need for making a macrame rainbow wall hanging - DearCreatives.com

This would make a perfect teen craft or adult craft. But, tweens and older kids may do this with help/supervision. 

Supply List:

Affiliate links are included in the post. We earn a small commission for qualifying purchases. This is at no additional cost to you. 

Optionally you can purchase a kit with all the supplies (minus scissors) on Etsy. Be sure to read each lister’s description to make sure to know what comes with the kit. 


  • You can use other sizes of rope but, make sure it’s natural cotton rope and that you have enough the color you want to wrap the rope. The bigger the rope the more yarn you will need of the same color for your project. (especially if you are using yarn from leftover projects) And adjust felt size for backing to the size needed. 
  • If adding a hanging string do that before wrapping the yarn. See additional video at the end of the post and then follow the directions. You can hang them with command strips or by sliding into a finish nail on the wall. Or add them to your cork boards/bulletin boards or decorative bulletin boards



Rope for step (1) macrame rainbow - how-to, DIY at DearCreatives.com
Step -1:

Determine the size of the macramé rainbow and then prepare 3 pieces of ropes from the 1 cm thick rope bundle. Place the ropes on a flat surface and form the shape of a rainbow to measure the
length required for each rope. Cut each rope according to the required size for the rainbow pattern.

  • Use scotch tape around very ends of the rope to keep from fraying while working. You will remove it at the end of the project. This is optional depending on the type of rope, the way it frays or unravels, and the thickness you are working with. 

step (2) Tying yarn onto the rope - DIY rope rainbow at DearCreatives.com
Step -2:
Grab a yarn bundle and any one of the rope cutouts. Leave an inch of the rope intact from either end and then tie the yarn around the rope tightly.

step (3) wrapping the yarn around the rope. How-to make a macrame rainbow at DearCreatives.com 
Step – 3:
Align the small open end of the tied yarn along the rope and start to wrap the yarn around the rope. Try to keep the wrapping as neat and adjacent as possible.

step (4) macrame rainbow diy DearCreatives.com
Step – 4:
Continue to wrap the yarn around the rope until an inch is left on the other end.

step (5) see post for instructions (6) Image steps - Draw the needle through the wrapped yarn and draw it outwards after crossing 5 more wrappings. Macrame Rainbow DIY at DearCreatives.com
Step – 5:
Keep 2 inches extra on the open end of the yarn and then insert a tapestry through its open end.

step (6) diy rope rainbow - instructions on how to make a macrame rainbow at DearCreatives.com

Step – 6:
Draw the needle through the wrapped yarn and draw it outwards after crossing 5 more wrappings. Cut off the extra yarn.

REPEAT STEPS 1-6 and similarly, prepare the rest of the ropes by wrapping them with different colored yarns. When all the ropes in rainbow colors are done, move onto the next steps. Attach ropes and make a backing. 

step (7) For Backing - Take a piece of the felt and cut an arch shape out of the felt from its bottom side. Macrame Rainbow instructions at DearCreatives.com.
Step – 7:

Take a piece of the felt and cut an arch shape out of the felt from its bottom side.

step (8) wrapped rope around the curved birder of the felt (along the bottom side of the felt) directions for macrame rainbow at DearCreatives.com

Step – 8:
Use hot-glue (with your hot glue gun) to attach the shortest yarn wrapped rope, around the curved birder of the felt (along the bottom side of the felt).

step (9) the easy diy macrame wall hanging directions at DearCreatives.com
Step – 9:
Attach the rest of the ropes one by one on the felt. (with hot glue) After attaching all ropes on the felt, cut the felt along the outer border of the top rope.step (10) Open lose the twisted parts of the ropes on both open ends of the rainbow pattern. Then move to step 11 DIY rope rainbow mini wall hanging at instructions at DearCreatives.com
Step – 10:
If you added scotch tape, remove it from the ends. Open lose the twisted parts of the ropes on both open ends of the rainbow pattern.

Step – 11:
Attach pompoms (with hot glue) along the top side of the macramé rainbow if you like to. 

Rope rainbows made from cotton rope and yarn. Grab macrame rainbow instructions at DearCreatives.com

Tada! You have made your own home decor DIY to use!

Honestly, this would be such a fun summer kids craft, summer teen craft, or if you are just looking for a fun and easy adult craft. Looking for more things to make? Or see our list of other crafts to make below.

Too busy to make it now, Pin it for Later and subscribe. Happy Crafting! 

Do you want to add a string for hanging or see how to make? Watch the video for instructions. 

Where will you hang yours? 

Easy! Beginner Craft - DIY Macrame Rainbows - Made with rope, yarn and optional pom poms. DearCreatives.com

If you rather buy one premade you can find them here (macrame rainbow wall hangings) and a larger version of this here (Pastel Fiber Rainbow Wall Hanging).

Here are a few other options for making and how to use macrame rainbow wall hangings.

  1. Do you know someone having a baby? Make A Rainbow Wall Hanging/ DIY Mobile
  2. Rainbow Rope Wall Hanging For the Nursery 
  3. Want to make one that is a little more advanced? Try this Rainbow Macrame Wall Tutorial (using a larks head knot) 
  4. DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging (using wire to reinforce felt shape, then hand sewing vs felt backing) 
  5. How To Make A Macrame Rainbow Beginners Guide 
  6. Want to make one using a thick rope? DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging With Rope

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