Printable Chore Charts

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Printable Chore Charts – Back To School is here! As summer wanes, there are a few things you can do to make life easier at home. Use a chore chart to help your kids stay on track, and give them responsibilities…

You can use chore charts all year long. I always found using checklists and chore chart templates helpful. Today I’m sharing a list of chore charts. Some are printable and many are editable.

Along with a free printable chore chart, I designed. Are you looking for something else? See all our free printables.

Chore Charts You Can Edit And Print

Printable Chore Charts - Best chore charts for kids. You can edit and print these chore chart templates. Bonus get a free printable chore chart for kids at DearCreatives.com

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How To Use Chore Charts

Print them out and fill the checklist with the needed chores (or get one with chores already on the chart), and add reminders and activities the kids will be doing. Hang them up at your command center or on the kitchen refrigerator with magnets.

Talk to your kids about earning rewards by completing tasks on the charts. Check off items as they complete the task or activity. Use a pen or stickers like this or cute stickers like these.

I like laminating charts like this and using erasable markers.

Chore Charts

Chore Charts

Chore Charts - These chore charts are printable and editable. They are helpful, teach responsibilities, and help kids see what needs to be done. Keep the kids on track and teach let them earn rewards by using a chore chart. Now is the perfect time to grab a chore chart you can print or edit.

Shop For printable chore charts on Etsy! Find chore charts for kids and the family.

Printable Chore Chart Free

Chore Chart For Kids - Grab this free printable chore chart - Daily to do list for kids, with spaces to write down reading or learning goals, a spot for notes for daily reminders. DearCreatives.com
PNG file

I made this chore chart for kids. It has a daily to-do list. A space to write reading goals or other goals. A space for writing down don’t forget… And a space for notes.

What kind of printable chore charts are you looking for? Did your kids go back to school already?

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