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Fun Stuff For The Kids: DIY Summer Camp, Free Printables And Ideas

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Are you ready for summer with the kids? I was talking with my daughter Krissy, and her kids just got out of school. She was saying she hasn’t gotten her summer kid’s schedules, activities, or fun stuff for the kids set yet. We talked about activities, camping, summer camp, swimming, and our DIY Summer Camp… We hope you enjoy these kid’s ideas for summer and two free printables for making summer fun! 

Summer for the kids is finally here, for us too! We are planning a few DIY summer camp packed with fun kids’ activities for our grandkids to come to spend time with us. Aunt Sammie and I have planned a little summer camp to give my Krissy daughter a break. She has four kids, all under 9 years old. We plan on having her kids come to stay with us for a week, one or two at a time. We listed our precious resources at the end of this post too, we hope this helps you have fun this summer.

Fun stuff for the kids DIY Summer Camp arts and crafts ideas, activities, camp journals and free printables for the kids

Fun Stuff For The Kids 

Audrey wants to learn to sew, and loves swimming, hiking, and anything to do with crafts. As a matter of fact, after an embroidery kit, I gave her she dove into learning the skill and loves it! I even gave her a watermelon felt and embroidery purse kit I picked out for her birthday. She made it in one day!

What do your kids enjoy doing? We hope our list will have you adding more fun stuff for the kids to do. 

  • Below we have a list of DIY summer camp ideas, free printables, and resources for you to have fun this summer with your kids or grandkids, nieces, or nephews…

Fun stuff for kids games, summer camp journals, and ideas for having fun with the kids. DearCreatives.com

Camp at my house will be so much fun! Peaceable Kingdom sent us a few items for our DIY summer camp. They have these great summer camp journals. They are so adorable! You might enjoy them for your kids or grandkids too, they are high quality and filled with really fun stuff for the kids.

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If you are sending off a child to summer camp you might want to surprise your child with this summer camp journal in their bag. Perfect for their quiet time, has games, activities, and it has spots for journaling their favorite camp food, activities, and more! 

Fun stuff for kids Summer Camp Kids Journals Ideas for at home summer camp and free printables for summer reading book lists DearCreatives.com

There is a summer camp journal that is gender-neutral and a summer camp journal just for girls

un stuff for the kids summer camp journal -inside peek of the summer camp journal

Fun stuff for the kids summer camp journal -inside the summer camp journal

You can preview them over on Amazon by clicking images. Makes me wish I could go to kids camp again. Why didn’t they have these when I was a kid? 

DIY Summer Camp 

Fun Stuff For the Kids DIY Summer Camp Free Printables Ideas for kids activities in the summer. See them all at DearCreatives.com


UPDATE!! We have updated our printable. I found the previous printable looked good online but wasn’t of good print quality. This is why I remade it (way better!) and it’s filled with so many ideas to enjoy doing with the kids this summer (or for rainy day activities and boredom busters…). Also, I included a free printable page you can add your ideas to. Or plan a day of activities for the kids, keeping you organized. 

Kid’s Activities Printable 

Use these printables with ideas for kids any time you need. Boredom busters, rainy day activities for kids, or summer activities for kids! Scroll just a bit more for the file links. Be sure to subscribe for all the new posts. And view all the ideas below in the post that go with the printables. 

Keep your kids busy, active and having fun all summer long with these kids' activities, kid's crafts, and ideas. Printables and resources at DearCreatives.com #DIYSummerCamp #KidsActivities

DIY Summer Camp – Free Printable 

DIY Summer Camp - Kid's activities and ideas to keep kids busy and having fun. Use this in summer, for rainy day activities, or anytime you have a bunch of kids over. Find out more at DearCreatives.com


Printable Activities For Kids

PRINT THE PDF – DIY Summer Camp – Printable Activities for Kids 

Print the DIY Summer Camp – Kids Activities PNG Files or PDF files 

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DIY Your Own Summer Camp

  1. Find activities nearby where you live and take field trips
  2. Have Game Days Or Game Times
  3. Plan Arts and Craft Activities
  4. (Inflatable) Backyard bowling
  5. Water Balloons Games
  6. Get supplies like the summer camp journal for kids to fill out 
  7. Felt Crafts
  8. Sculpty Clay Crafts
  9. Sewing
  10. Make crowns
  11. Visit the local pool or water-park
  12. Visit a museum or historic site
  13. Create a summer book list and Practice reading  (free printable summer book reading list)
  14. Teach kids photography skills
  15. Hikes
  16. Park excursions
  17. Water excursions beach, lake, or river walks
  18. Music Time
  19. Teach them an instrument 
  20. Garden activities like planting flowers or succulents
  21. Teach Kids Cooking or Baking – Teaching Teens To Bake and Cook
  22. Roast marshmallows 
  23. Set up a backyard tent
  24. Tie-Dye (How to tie-dye ombre) (How to tie-dye a sunburst)
  25. Exploring nature
  26. Build a birdhouse  or Paint a birdhouse
  27. Play Frisbee or Ball games like Four Square…
  28. Blowing Bubbles (bubbles and bubble wands)
  29. Bike Riding 
  30. DIY Star Wars Tee Shirts (templates in the post)
  31. Music Time
  32. DIY ice cream sundaes stations
  33. Hula hoops contest
  34. Exercise time, try simple yoga, exercise activities, or jump rope
  35. Dance to music with dance ribbons

DIY Summer Camp Ideas

I hope you liked these ideas for kids! Boredom busters and things to do in the summer! Find even more ideas below! We keep adding to this resource.

For us, this DIY list is perfect for when the kids come down to visit and join in our grandma’s summer camp. I have lots of activities and outings planned. We really liked these ideas too for at-home camps DIY Summer Camp via momof6 and DIY summer camp via she knows.

For Sammie (my teen) I also subscribe online where she can learn activities on her own. There is skillshare Craftsy, and CreativeBug which are just a few of our favorites. Right now, you can get 1 Month + 1 Class For Just $1 for CreativeBug which is e-courses for kids as well as teens and adults. All three have too many creative classes to mention. Head over to find out more. We like each one for different reasons. Mom’s you’ll love them for camp nap-time learning too. 

This is a review plus, I share tips for using the glow-in-the-dark rock painting kit, who it’s good for, and other rock painting ideas and supplies you can use for rock painting. Rock Painting Kit Review

Fun stuff for the kids kids arts and crafts on Pinterest

Pinterest Board Kids Arts & Crafts 

Fun Stuff For The Kids

In our local area surrounding Paso Robles, Ca. Outings to our local San Luis Obispo botanical gardens, our local pool, and beaches.

Then there are a few museums in the Paso Robles community that would be fun for the kids to see; such as the Estrella Warbirds Museum and Pioneer Museum. For the younger kids, there is the Paso Kids Museum. And then there is the Charles Paddock Zoo in Atascadero, CA which is at a lake with a great park. 

If we head out to the coast in San Simeon is Hearst Castle and at the beach, you can view elephant seals at Piedras Blancas in San Simeon, just north of Cambria. 

If we are staying close to home there are walking paths and parks nearby. The Historic Carnegie Hall Library and our local library.

Of course, we are making a book reading list, playing games, sewing lessons, pampering days, and lots of other kids’ activities will be happening for our home camp and making memories. You might enjoy our summer Pinterest board filled with ideas, checklists, and crafts too.

Free Printable Blank Summer Reading List

Free Printable Summer Reading List

 I made a summer reading book list printable for my grandkids and thought you may enjoy them too. Feel free to grab the free printable and print them to add to your child’s summer activities. Easy print option via the link or image print on a standard good quality computer paper. Personal Use only. If sharing please link to this post. Thank you. 

Fun stuff for the kids postcards to send from camp

We also received this awesome 12 Postcards From Camp booklet, filled with fun postcards the kids can send home. They have a good selection of postcards kids under 10 years old would enjoy. Which is great for them to practice handwriting skills and connect via snail mail. 


A summer camp at my house always includes word games, and card games such as rummy, go-fish, slap-jack, and crazy eights. The Peaceable Kingdom has the cutest deck of card selections. Here are just a few of the ones we have seen and loved. Which are great for summer camp or taking along for a camping trip. 

Peaceable Kingdom Solar System Playing Card Deck 52 Cards Plus
All my kids, when they were little enjoyed camp at their grandma’s. She did lots of fun stuff for the kids. They made forts by trees, laid out blankets, and read stories. When they got bigger they went to kids camp for nature, music, and dance. 

What summer camp plans do you have for your kids? 

More Fun Stuff For The Kids

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