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Cricut Christmas Ornament With Holiday Sayings

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Today I’m sharing a Cricut Craft for a Cricut Christmas Ornament. Are you ready to make Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree? Or make handmade gifts to give someone? Make this ornament with a few craft supplies plus the Cricut – digital cutting machine. See how easy it is to make this stylish ornament with the Cricut.

It’s that time to think about gifts you can make for family and friends. I love making Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree. Do you? This is an easy Cricut Crafts project that you can make for yourself or for a Christmas gift idea.

Cricut Christmas Ornament

Cricut Christmas Ornament - See how to make this Joy To The World Ornament -Cricut Christmas craft - Add any sayings or words you like! Get the DIY and instructions at DearCreatives.com

This Christmas ornament says Joy To The World. You can use any Christmas saying or words you want! The holiday sayings are designed in Design Space, made with vinyl, and cut out on the Cricut. Remember, you can make any words you would like with your Cricut for this project. Below you can see the fonts used and how to make Christmas ornaments with wood rounds.

Cricut Christmas Ornament – Joy To The World

How to make a Christmas Ornament With a Cricut

Cricut Christmas Craft - Supplies for making a Christmas Ornament with Christmas sayings - DearCreatives.com

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Wood Round Christmas Ornament DIY


Step 1

Step 1 Adding seal to the wood round - prepping the surface of the ornament. Instructions and holiday ornament at DearCreatives.com
  • If you need to stain your wood round- Begin to apply stain to the wood round. If painting, it is best to use matte paint.
  • However, this may require 2-3 coats.
  • If staining, be sure to stain in a well-ventilated area.
  • Allow 24-48 hours for stain and paint to completely dry and soak into the wood.
  • Use masking tape or painter’s tape to create a crisp line for a two-toned painted look.

Step 2

Step 2 of making a Christmas ornament with a wood round. Adding Mod Podge to the wood round - sealing the ornament. DIY Christmas ornament at DearCreatives.com
  • Once stain and paint are dry; Add a layer of mod podge as a sealant to the front of the round where the vinyl will later be applied.
  • If there is no barrier between stain and vinyl, the oils in the stain will break down the adhesive on the vinyl.

Step 3

  • In Design Space prepare your design or phrase by using the text tool. Size according to wood round used.
  • I used the font Avenir and Montens. If you don’t have this font, you can use any sans serif and script font.
  • **NOTE: If using a script font in design space, don’t forget to kern your letters (kern = connecting the letter to cut as one piece).

Step 4

Red vinyl on a Cricut mat loading into the Cricut to cut the vinyl for a Cricut Christmas craft - DearCreatives.com
  • Once designed and sized accordingly, select make it in the design space.
  • Adjust the machine setting or material dial to a custom, washi sheet.
  • Fonts that have small, delicate cuts in the letters will use this setting to help them cut smoothly.
  • Load the permanent vinyl to your machine on the standard grip mat and hit “go”.
Weeding the Christmas saying after the Cricut has cut the vinyl. See the Cricut Christmas Craft at DearCreatives.com

Step 5

When the cuts are complete, begin to weed around and inside the letters of the vinyl by using your weeding tool (looks like a dentist’s pick).

Step 6

  • After the designs are completely weeded; cut off a piece of transfer tape the size of the vinyl and apply the transfer tape using pressure with the scrapper tool.
  • Note: This is done in order to get the vinyl off its carrier sheet and onto the project’s surface.

Step 7

Step 7 - apply the transfer tape using pressure with the scrapper tool - Christmas ornament made with Cricut - Full instructions at DearCreatives.com

Turn the entire design face down and begin to gently apply pressure and pull the vinyl’s carrier sheet off and away from the transfer tape.

Step 8

Place the weeded vinyl with the transfer tape on top of the dried wood round. - DIY Christmas ornament - DearCreatives.com

Place the weeded vinyl with the transfer tape on top of the dried wood round.

Step 9

  • Once enough pressure had been applied; slowly remove the transfer tape and very carefully and slowly roll it away and off the round.
  • The vinyl will remain on your project.
Adding ribbon and greenery to the Christmas ornament - See how to make the wood round Christmas ornament - DearCreatives.com

Step 10

  • Lastly, using hot glue attach the greenery to the wood and top with a small bow.
  • Thread the ribbon through the top to create a hanging attachment.
  • *NOTE: if the wood round does not have a pre-made hole, create one using a small drill bit. Or hot glue a loop to the back of the ornament.

Joy To The World Christmas Ornament

  • Now your ornament is ready to hang on the tree, from a garland or mantle. Or give it as a homemade Christmas gift to someone special. If you didn’t make it yet, pin it for later! Happy Christmas crafting!


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