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Crafting With Digital Cutting Machines – Book Review

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Today I am sharing a Book Review for “Crafting With Digital Cutting Machines” I received this craft book for free to review.

If you are looking for how-to craft books this is one that you might consider buying for your craft book collection. Do you own a digital cutting machine or are looking to buy one?

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Crafting With Digital Cutting Machines” Book Review

Craft Book Review - Crafting With Digital Cutting Machines (Craft Book Resource)- Flip through, overview and who this craft book will help. DearCreatives.com

You can use digital cutting machines for many arts and crafts. This is a complete how-to manual filled with resources to help you. It has overviews on the top three brands of die-cutting machines – Cricut, Silhouette, and Brother. Along with materials, tips, and step-by-step projects.

I also have a video flip-through (below) of this craft book filled with resources, helpful information, and projects.

I am sharing my honest opinions along with an overview of the craft book.

Crafting With Digital Cutting Machines

Contents Of The Craft Book

  • 96 pages
  • Instroduction
  • Glossary
  • Digital Cutting Machines (an overview)
  • Common Materials For Digital Cutting
  • Techniques To Know
  • Step-By-Step Projects

My thoughts

The book has a nice overview of the Cricut, Silhouette, and Brother die-cutting machines. This is nice for anyone looking to compare machines prior to purchasing, along with what each can do.

Personally, I use and I recommend the Cricut cutting machines. It’s good to do your research prior to investing in a machine. And to see which brand will be best for you.

The author goes over common materials for die-cutting

My thoughts

There are helpful tips for using faux leather, felt, and fabric with die-cutting machines. There are tips for selecting and using the other materials with the machines. Even having experience with using my Cricut, I found plenty of tips and helpful information. Plus, a few projects I’d enjoy trying.

There are tips for using Rhinestones and Rhinestone flock. This is helpful for anyone interested in trying it. The materials section and techniques are helpful. Weeding, using transfer tape, adding laminate, etching, and even how-to make pressing pillows.

Step-By-Step Projects

  • Children’s Fox Apron
  • Raw – Edge Applieque Owl Quilt
  • Felt-Lettered Pillows
  • Holiday Ornaments (felt)
  • Faux-Suede Hexagonal Pillow
  • Drawstring Gift Bags

My thoughts

The step-by-step projects are super cute. Her projects are for sewers, who use digital cutting machines. I think there are a few craft projects for the novice sewer to tackle with the instructions.

About The Author

Libby Ashcraft has been teaching sewing, embroidery, and embroidery software for more than twenty years. She is also a licensed Silhouette Instructor and teaches classes. She also teaches Brother ScanNCut classes. Her accolades go on… She is also known for being a technical sewing editor and contributor for Classic Sewing Magazine.

Flip Through Of The Craft Book

This book is good for any crafter interested in crafts using or buying digital cutting machines. And filled with resources for using the mentioned cutting machines. Making it a great guide for anyone who uses them already for their favorite crafts and hobbies. It is available in paperback and on Kindle.

Click to preview, see more reviews, and purchase the craft book- Crafting With Digital Cutting Machines

Craft Books - Book Review of Crafting With Digital Cutting Machines (Craft Book Resource)- Flip through, overview and who this craft book will help. DearCreatives.com

Preview the book or buy it now

Crafting With Digital Cutting Machines

Crafting with Digital Cutting Machines: Machines, Materials, Designs, and Projects

Do you have a favorite craft book?

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