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DIY Iron-On Apron – Personalize Aprons – Cricut Craft

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DIY Iron-On Apron – Learn how easy it is to personalize a kid’s apron or adult’s apron for a gift. For this DIY you will need a few craft supplies, a Cricut machine, and a kid’s apron or adult apron.

You can make it super easy on yourself and purchase a kid’s apron or an adult’s apron to do this project. Or sew an apron and then add the iron-on material. But, opted to make this a quick and easy gift by using a store-bought apron. Looking for something else to make with the Cricut? View all our Cricut Crafts. 

I hope this Cricut tutorial helps you make a few gifts for your family and friends for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or just to give them a special homemade gift!

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DIY Iron-On Kid’s Apron

DIY Kid's Iron on Apron - Learn how-to personalize your aprons with iron-on materials. This Cricut craft is easy enough for beginning Cricut users. DearCreatives.com

For this DIY you will need a kid’s apron (I got mine in a pack of 5), iron-on material, a Cricut die cutting machine, EasyPress or Iron, and a design file. (Or design your own file). I used Cricut Design Space to make the design (It’s free with sign-up).

Can you use this iron-on Tutorial for adult aprons? Yes!

DIY Iron-On Apron Cricut Craft - Tutorial and tips for making personalized aprons with iron-on vinyl -htv. - DearCreatives.comDIY Iron-On Aprons

Note: Yes! You can use the same instructions for adult aprons too! Just use different design options (you can find them via the links above) and adult aprons (or an adult apron like this).

Embellish an apron with iron-on material. It’s fun and easy to decorate an apron with this Cricut craft. Give the finished apron with iron-on as a homemade gift for birthdays, holidays, and celebrations like Christmas.

DIY Iron-on Kid’s Apron Using a Cricut

This Cricut project is perfect for even beginner Cricut users! Just make sure to take your time, mirror the image when using iron-on materials, and pick the proper settings. Let’s make this craft!

How To Apply Iron-On To An Kid’s Apron Or DIY Adult’s Apron


  1. Kids Apron (5 Count Kid’s Apron Cream or White) (2 count Kid’s Apron with pocket)
  2. Iron-On Material Available in colors, black and white. (I used black iron-on ) or you can get Smart Iron-On that doesn’t require a mat.
  3. Cricut Machine– (If you don’t own a digital cutting machine yet you can compare Cricut Machines . The comparison chart is helpful!) (I used my Cricut Maker)
  4. EasyPress (recommended) or iron
  5. EasyPress Mat or towel
  6. Computer, laptop, or cell phone for using Cricut Design Space
Step-by-Step how to use iron-on material for personalizing aprons. Full instructions to this Cricut craft at DearCreatives.com


  1. Press the apron that you will be applying the iron-on to.
  2. Make or purchase your design file. (To design one: Cricut Design Space is free and no special skills are needed. OR search and buy SVG designs in Design Space) Or buy and upload an SVG to Design Space.
  3. Once your design is made – Be sure to save your file and give it a name! (Always preview your cut file, and make adjustments as needed.)
  4. For apron placement (and designing) I like to use their mock-up aprons in Design Space (there are kids and adult mock-up aprons). This way you know how it will look.
  5. When you are ready to cut your design: Be sure to MIRROR your image. Ensure the iron-on material will work properly. (The option will be in the prompts). Remember to Preview the cut prior to the final go for making it!
  6. Follow the steps in Cricut Design Space to cut out and make your apron’s design.
  7. After it is (the design) cut, unload it from your Cricut. Next, you will weed the design. NOTE: (This is taking off excess material that is not going to be for the iron-on design). It will leave it on the iron-on film. Do not remove it from the film, until after you have pressed the design. It is a transfer material for placing the iron-on onto the fabric/apron.
  8. Pre-heat your EasyPress (Look up the settings for press time here HEAT GUIDE. Go through prompts for what machine you are using, types of iron-on, and pick fabric material (cotton or cotton blend or other material, whether you are using a mat or towel…).
  9. Place your pre-pressed apron on the EasyPress Mat (or towel). I use a protective heat sheet over my design. But, I’m not sure if they sell it anymore. You can use Parchment Paper.
  10. Then, when the EasyPress is ready. And the design is placed on the apron. Press it with EasyPress for the recommended time. (Google – or go to Cricut Heat Guide) and follow the prompts. You will press the front, then flip it over to press the back according to the directions with heat settings.
  11. Peel excess transfer film off according to those same directions. It will tell you when it’s warm to the touch to take it off, or cool. Do not remove it when it’s too hot to touch.
  12. Tips: Allow 24 hours after application before washing and read all the directions with your package of iron-on materials.

Who was the lucky boy who got this Dad’s Little Helper apron? My grandson Levi. I can’t wait to update it with a photo of him wearing it. Do you like making homemade gifts?

Helpful Tips and tricks for using iron-on materials

DIY with Step-by-Step how to use iron-on material for personalizing aprons. Full instructions to this Cricut craft at DearCreatives.com

What to do if the iron-on starts to come up? What to do when the iron-on vinyl is not sticking to the fabric?

Place it back down and redo the process on that spot for a little bit more time. Do not over-process it can damage/warp the iron-on materials.

Helpful videos for using iron-on materials

This video tutorial is super basic for how to use iron-on.

Helpful videos for how to iron-on aprons

  1. Cricut Iron-On Apron Video Tutorial (She uses an iron I recommend using the EasyPress.)
  2. How To Layer With Iron-On Materials (This is a helpful video for using different colored iron-on or htv for your projects and aprons!)

With these additional resources; videos and our tutorial, you will be making iron-on aprons and gifts in no time flat!

Be sure to see my tutorial for making iron-on t-shirts and onesies like a pro (below)!

Where to get supplies and blanks for Cricut craft projects?

Practice this technique and you can use iron-on to customize other projects. Use customizable blanks for tote bags, pillow covers, make-up bags, t-shirts, and more!

Happy Crafting! And Homemade gift-making! Do you like personalizing gifts? Have you tried using iron-on materials yet?

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Where to shop for die-cutting machines, supplies, and sale items for Cricut crafts and projects?


Happy Crafting!


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