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DIY Spring Chalkboard – Decorate A Chalkboard For Spring!

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DIY Spring Chalkboard -I decorated a chalkboard for spring using my Cricut, artificial flowers, pink twine, spring stickers (made with the Cricut or purchased), and a hot glue gun. I placed the designs, leaving a space to draw or to write notes on the chalkboard. Are you ready to decorate a chalkboard for spring? This is an easy craft project anyone can do.

If you don’t have a Cricut you can draw with chalk or purchase spring stickers to decorate the chalkboard with. It’s been a while since I shared my chalkboard art. And although this isn’t drawn with chalk, it has a space to draw or write with chalk.

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DIY Spring Chalkboard (using a Cricut)

DIY Spring Chalkboard - This is an easy chalkboard art idea. Using stickers made with a Cricut (or purchased), artificial flowers, and a chalkboard. See how to decorate a chalkboard for spring! Find this and other DIY home decor ideas at DearCreatives.com

It’s really easy to make chalkboard signs. And this one is a simple craft using a few supplies. I really enjoy making things to decorate my home with. Do you? If you said yes, you might like all our DIY and home decor ideas.

How To Decorate A Chalkboard For Spring


I don’t have the exact bunny file I used it was from a project that didn’t work out for me. I salvaged the bunny with a bow and flowers to use. But you can easily search for bunny SVG files in Cricut’s Design Space.

How to decorate a chalkboard for spring! See the how to and other spring crafts at DearCreatives.com

Pick spring colors (light green, green, yellows, pinks, eggshell blue, light blues…) for the artificial flowers and accents. It really makes this simply decorated chalkboard look pretty for the spring season and spring celebrations. If you wanted to you could paint the frame.


Chalkboard decorated for spring - Close up of spring chalkboard decor - DearCreatives.com
  1. Get out the supplies.
  2. Cut the spring stickers with the Cricut using Design Space and SVG files or a Cricut Access file (or purchase a pre-made spring is in the air sticker).
  3. Prepare the chalkboard by wiping it clean and making sure it’s dry!
  4. Remove the backing from the sticker (that you made with the print and cut feature on Cricut or that you purchased). Carefully place the sticker(s) on the chalkboard.
    Pro-Tip: Odd numbers look more appealing to the eye.
  5. In the left corner hot glue dried or artificial flowers (at the bottom of the chalkboard).
  6. Tie a bow with the twine and hot glue it into place near the artificial flowers.
  7. Place chalk onto the ledge.

Spring Chalkboard Decor

Spring Chalkboard Decor - Spring is in the air - spring chalkboard - DIY instructions at DearCreatives.com

Tada! That’s it. It’s so easy to decorate a chalkboard for spring! Now, place it on a mantle, wall, piano top, or kitchen. It looks pretty for spring and you can write notes or draw on it. If you aren’t making it now pin it for later. If you don’t have a Cricut, digital cutting machine yet, or need supplies for your Cricut they are having a huge spring sale! See below.

Happy Spring Crafting!

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