DIY Glitter Onesies – Iron-On Christmas Onesies

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I made DIY Glitter Onesies for Christmas gifts. It’s a fun and easy way to make homemade gifts with the Cricut. Looking for something else to make with the Cricut? See all our Circut Crafts

Make baby onesies and baby t-shirts. 

Crafters, I am excited to share some news with you! My oldest daughter is due in May! You know what that means? Lots of crafting and sewing for baby! Baby showers, gift searching and anything baby related. I will be sharing as I craft, sew and find great gifts for the new addition to our expanding family.

They live in NY city I live in CA. Which means lots of snail mail with fun packages! I wanted to share some Cricut Crafts I made recently just for little ones – DIY Glitter Onesies. The supplies and tutorial list at bottom of post if you’d like to try this yourself! 


Making iron-on Cricut craft projects are fun! Onsies with iron on designs _ Circut Crafts _Theresa Huse 2013

If you have never made Iron-on t-shirts before you need to see this step by step tutorial, linked below for making Iron-on T-shirts and Onesies like a Pro! It’s the updated tutorial! 

Make Iron-on Tee Shirts Like A Pro! DIY Iron-on Tee-shirts (and onesies). Step by step with images.

First, here are a few glittery onesies (shown above) that I made for my 6 month old grandson Josiah. Now he can look dapper during the holidays when shopping with his mommy. The others for my newly pregnant daughter.

  • I used white 100% cotton baby tees and baby onesies. Again you can see the supply list at the end of the post for where to purchase more items.

DIY Glitter Onesies 

Robot Iron on design_ Cricut Crafts_Theresa Huse 2013

My oldest has the same due date within one day that my other daughter that had her son last year and which happens to be thee same day Sammie was born! What are the odds of that? It’d be pretty amazing if they all end up with the same birthday. I know auntie Sammie would be thrilled!

Baby Tee Shirt with iron on design_ Cricut Crafts_Theresa Huse 2013

It’s been whale watching season here in CA and I had these two  images of whales I thought about just adding hearts. I love using the online Cricut Design Space (an online design studio) to design with and cut straight from your computer. It makes things so easy! They are waiting to find out if its a girl or boy which means lots of unisex items. I made all of these with my Cricut Expression Air 2 and the online Cricut’s Design Space.

Now the fun news about my affiliate Cricut, they are having the 12 days of Christmas right now with special one day offers! I am excited to share with you that you can purchase a Cricut Expression 2 at a great price today!  Sorry this offer is no longer available! But, you can find Cricut deals by heading over to Cricut via the link below. 

If you don’t own a Cricut yet this is something you crafty gals or guys might just enjoy! The digital software for your computer is free! Just download it from their site and sinc your machine. Or sinc your machine and use it online. I love using mine. 

Cricut Machines are perfect for gifting to a crafter and for crafting so many things! 

Please Note doing this, could affect the machine and void your warranty. But, with that said, using glitter you will need to clean your mats. I like having Cricut mats for only glitter projects and Cricut mats for other projects. I like buying my Cricut supplies in bulk and when on sale. Hope that helps. 

Do you have a die cutting machine? Have you ever used iron on glitter sheets or rolls?

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