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DIY Bunny Wands – Fairy Wands With Bunny Heads

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DIY Bunny Wands are an easy craft project. Use the bunny template. Cut the cardstock by hand. Or use the Cricut to cut multiple bunny heads at once (like I did). Then assemble the bunny heads onto dowels using a hot glue gun. After, add pretty ribbons. Now you have bunny wands to twirl like fairy wands or to use for decorations in vases or mason jars for celebrations.

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DIY Bunny Wands

DIY Bunny Wands - Easy craft project. Cut the cardstock by hand or use the Cricut to cut multiple bunny heads at once. DearCreatives.com

Spring and summer are such fun times of year for kids and celebrations. Make these fairy wands (with bunny heads) for spring and Easter celebrations. Or to give kids at parties with bunny themes or even to use at wedding celebrations. This is an easy beginner Cricut craft! But, as mentioned before you can cut the bunnies by hand with scissors. Let’s make this bunny craft!

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How To Make Bunny Wands (Fairy Wands)

Supplies for bunny craft - pretty ribbons, bunny heads cut out using glitter cardstock, dowels, scissors...© DearCreatives.com


If you don’t own a Cricut yet get this Cricut Bundle or shop Cricut’s Sale. PRO-Tip Do Not use wired ribbons. Use sewing scissors (this is what I own) to cut ribbons to get a clean edge.

Bunny Head Templates

All these templates can be used for other bunny crafts too! If you don’t have time to make them you can shop Bunny Wands on Etsy! I’m so inspired to make more with other materials.

How To Make Bunny Wands

Bunny Wands - Make Easter bunny wands for the kids to twirl and have fun with at Easter and spring celebrations. See the bunny craft at DearCreatives.com


Bunny head Template, Cricut machine cutting bunny heads, pulling off unneeded cardstock, pulling bunny heads up - DIY Bunny Wands - DearCreatives.com
Bunny Head Template in Cricut, Cutting the bunny heads with the Cricut
  1. Get out the craft supplies. If using the Cricut turn on the machine and heat up the hot glue gun.
  2. Open up Design Space (You can sign up for free if you don’t have it).
  3. Use the bunny template (or upload your own image or SVG file).
  4. Place your glitter cardstock paper or other cardstock paper on the mat. Roll it to make sure it’s flat and secure on the Cricut Mat.
    If you are not using the Cricut print the template and cut the bunny heads with scissors. And jump to #7 of the instructions.
  5. Select Glitter Cardstock, cut more.
  6. Following the Cricut prompts cut the bunny head design and remove them from the mat.
  7. On the back side (wrong side) of the glitter cardstock make a hot glue line.
  8. Place the dowel onto it and make sure the head is centered. Give it a minute to dry.
  9. Next, place hot glue on the backside of another bunny head, hot glue and make sure the two bunny heads line up! Let it dry.
  10. Repeat the process. After you have attached all the bunny heads to the dowels cut the ribbons to 14 inch strips. Cut at least 2 ribbons for each bunny head.
  11. Tie on the ribbons, slide them down just a litttle and add a good sized dot of hot glue onto the dowel. Quickly slide the ribbon carefully over the dot of hot glue. This will keep the ribbons securely on the dowel. Let it dry. Repeat the process for all the bunny dowels you have assembled.
Assembling the bunny heads for the wands - Bunny Wands craft project - DearCreatives.com
Assembling the bunny heads and securing them to the dowels.
Adding ribbons and gluing them to the wands - Bunny Wands craft project - DearCreatives.com
Cutting ribbons and adding the ribbons to the wands with a hot glue gun.

The Video Tutorial For How To Make Bunny Wands

Tada! You are done. Add them to a vase or jar to display. Or keep them in a vase until you hand them out to the kids to twirl like fairy wands! The bunny wands are pretty. I made them part of my spring/Easter decor for my home. I made more wands with bunnies for the grandkids. They can enjoy them for Easter.

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DIY Bunny Wands - Make Easter bunny wands they are a fun and easy bunny craft. Includes instructions and bunny head templates. DearCreatives.com

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