DIY Fall Pumpkin Banner

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Who is ready to make a fall banner? This banner is made with card-stock paper, twine, and glittered mini clothespins. This fall pumpkin banner so cute to hang on a mantle, entryway, shelf, or wall.

You can make this a Cricut Crafts project or cut the banner out by hand, if you don’t own a Cricut yet!

 My latest paper banner has pumpkins and the word autumn, each letter is cut right inside the pumpkin. Are you ready to make a pumpkin banner? Making banners is so easy!

Fall Pumpkin BannerA is for Autumn, pumpkin banner, Theresa Huse 2013

I managed to create another banner this past week. Paper crafting is something I love to do. Its fun putting together the pretty papers with earthy twines or pretty ribbons. Finding the right combinations that just seem to fall into place.

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Fall Banner With Pumpkins

pumpkin, pumpkin cut out pinned to string, Theresa Huse 2013

How To Make A Card-Stock Paper Banner


To make a banner like this first, find the supplies you need. Like card-stock, twine, and mini clothespins. Decide if you are going to cut the pumpkins by hand or use a Cricut machine

I just love this autumn card-stock paper and this one that came with leaves that came from a pack of paper called Autumn Splendor by DCWV. I don’t know about you but, I am smitten with paper designs, patterns, and textures. Then adding different thicknesses, textures of twine, or using a pretty ribbon, adding mini glitter clothespins it’s all icing on the cake!


  1. Cut pumpkins by hand or by using a Cricut. You can design either in Cricut’s Design Space (You don’t have to own a Cricut to use it) or another program like Illustrator. Or even hand draw a pumpkin shape. 
  2. Decide if you are making cuts inside of your design or just the outline of the pumpkin. 
  3. Place as many pumpkin shapes onto the designs space, for one sheet of card-stock. Allow for spacing. Print/or cut out your design to use. 
    If designing and cutting the banner by hand on the opposite side of the paper draw the pumpkin outlines to cut. 
  4. Follow instructions/prompts in the Cricut’s Design Space
  5. Cut the pumpkins. 
  6. Next, decide where you will hang the finished banner after assembly. Measure the length of the ribbon or twine and allow for extra. 
    TIP– leave on end on the spool or roll for adjusting ribbon or twine until your banner project is fully laid out the way you like it. 
  7. Use clothespins to attach the cut out pumpkins in place onto the twine (or ribbon).
  8. Adjust as needed. 
  9. Cut the twine (or ribbon). 
  10. Now it’s ready to hang! 

Cricut Maker Machine

What is Cricut Crafts?

I am inspired by creative paper crafters out there. There are some that work by hand, paper cutting which is a true art and then like this project today which is done with a die-cut machine, like my Cricut. Using a Cricut to cut is so easy, then assemble the banner or make other craft projects with Cricut. I did create the design cuts with Cricut’s Design Space. I explain it below. 

Cricut has come out with so many new machines including the Joy machine which is perfect for making banners and cards! 

What is Cricut Design Space?

The Cricut Design Space is a free online access studio that you use when you sign up at Cricut to design in and to use your die cut machine. I love the updated features and how you can size and layout your designs prior to cutting. Fewer mistakes happen this way. It’s easy to connect your machine to the online studio and once that’s done your set. Occasionally there will show an update and prompts keep you up to date. 

Now with Cricut’s Design Space, you don’t even need a cartridge for the machines! Plus, if you need to you can purchase images and files already designed, then add them to your library. Plus, each week they offer free designs you can add to your library to use! Be sure to check it out! 

Other places to purchase design files for Cricut projects

  1. Etsy .svg files  (custom iron ons) (custom iron-on design files)

What have I been up to besides crafting? Learning more, again by taking online blog courses –

I took an online blogging course. I was really glad I did although anytime I leave an inspiring conference or online class it leaves my head spinning! Ideas, to-do lists… talented folks everywhere. Writing about so many topics such as design, fashion, photography, styling, crafting, or just articulating their niche finding success in their creative place online. I also signed up for a new photography class. 

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DIY Autumn Banner

pumpkin, pumpkin cut out pinned to string, Theresa Huse 2013

Besides all the classes I am taking, somehow I managed to find a little time to create this banner. Ya! (I wish I got a better image of the full banner but, our living room is dark. And I didn’t even try to take the photo in there. Maybe someday I update this image.

I did glitter (Favorite glitter for crafting!) my mini clothespins myself, as explained in the previous paper-crafting posts. I am falling in love with designing fall banners. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoy making them.

On each side of autumn is a pumpkin that is a twine long enough to hang at a fireplace. I used my Cricut to make them see exactly what cut cartridges I am using and other details such as twines, glittering the mini clothespins (and why I do it myself)… Visit this post: Fall Banners  

Want to make other fun stuff with Cricut? Cricut Craft – DIY Iron-On Tee-Shirts(and Onesies). This project has step by step tutorial with images! 

Looking for other fall banners to make? 

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DIY Fall Pumpkin Banner - Autumn - Make a fall pumpkin banner with card-stock, twine and mini glittered clothes pins. DearCreatives.com

Have fun coming up with ideas for pretty fall banners. Have you a fall pumpkin banner before? 

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