Easy #Sewing and Patterns for Handmade Baby Gifts

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I started on some more sewing projects last week and I am lining up a few others to do. One of the things I like about Craftsy is they have a whole section of where crafters share projects to their profiles. It’s a great way to see what patterns they used and sometimes they even share their free patterns. I came across these baby shoes and thought how adorable! I have to make some. Here is a list of baby projects I am doing, where to grab the patterns and book if you are interested in making them yourself too!

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First I came across this project via a crafter at Craftsy for the cutes baby booties!

baby shoes

 by BitterPurl on Craftsy 


As you can see on this pattern there are several options for these baby booties and of course, I think the Kimono style ones made by BitterPurl on Craftsy are adorable. She recommends making one out of muslin fabric just to get a feel for the pattern. And you can make yourself or the mom to be a pair too. She rates this patterns ease a two out of five for skill level. Meaning it’s a pretty easy project! Yeah!

Now I’m happy to say I am making several baby projects from Sweet Booties!


Sweet Booties_cover_ Lark Books

I picked this book up at a bookstore quite a while ago and since my oldest is due in May. I am happy to say I pulled it out and began some cute baby projects from it. I promise to share as I am going along and the finished projects and stay tuned as I finished one set of booties and shared them here! I will share the fabrics I picked and how the pattern process was for me. What is nice is the sewing is pretty simple and it comes with patterns.

Sweet Booties_Lark Craft Books_


Here’s a little blurb about the Sweet Booties pattern book

These irresistible and simple sewing projects—more than 30 of them—come from the freshest indie craft designers around! And that sets them apart from other collections for small fry; every blanket, bib, bonnet, and more are fashioned from contemporary fabrics and features a modern, slightly edgy aesthetic that moms and dads will really appreciate.
The adorable, stylish creations range from a pair of tiny flowered shoes tied with a ribbon to a pair of witty bibs for boys and girls. A brightly striped sunhat glows with the warm colors of summer, while a sweet blankie showcases the stitched outline of a doggie in an airplane with a border of little bones. Other projects flaunt lovely embroidered and appliquéd embellishments.
A “Sewing 101” section makes a great intro for beginners or a helpful refresher course. It features valuable tips specifically for baby projects, including laundry-friendly fabrics and safety advice on adornments.

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Do you know anyone having a baby soon? What is your top handmade baby gift to make?

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