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Craft Books Review – Sewing Simple Softies…

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Hey, hey crafters and friends. I hope this finds you well. When I was visiting my daughter and watching my grandkids when I pulled out a few new craft books I brought with me. Disclosure, I received these craft books for free. Today I am sharing my craft book review for Sewing Simple Softies. Along with an overview and review of The Zenki Way.

It’s been a while since I shared a felt craft project. But, I’m happy to be sharing a few new craft projects I completed using felt, along with my review of two newly released craft books.

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Craft Books Review

Sewing Simple Softies

Craft Book Review - Sewing Simple Softies - Felt Craft Book With Patterns - DearCreativees.com

Both craft books are filled with instructions, patterns, and tips for making stuffed felt projects. And teaching kids to sew by hand.

I tried a few of the felt crafts from the patterns in one of the craft books, SEWING SIMPLE SOFTIES. More about this one in a minute. The other felt craft book I received for free I’m saving to try when my grandkids visit over the summer. The book is called, The Zenkie Way: A Guide To Designing And Creating Your Own Creative Softies. Make a felt fox, dinosaur, bat… or create your own patterns with tips in this book.

Sewing Simple Softies is perfect for beginners and up!

This craft book is for anyone who can hand sew (or you want to teach to hand sew) and loves crafting or felt crafts. The reading level is easy. The book’s reading level is recommended for ages 6-12 years and up. (3rd to 6th-grade level reading). Many of the felt patterns and instructions are easy enough for older kids to craft with. The instructions are clear, easy to read, and come with plenty of step-by-step images with the instructions. it also has instructions for basic embroidery stitches…

Making A Tooth Fairy Pillow

Tracing hand sewing template for a felt pattern from the craft book Sewing Simple Softies... DearCreatives.com

I skimmed through the book and two of my grandkid’s eyed projects they wanted me to make for them. You can either copy the patterns with your printer/copier/scanner or use tracing paper and a pencil as I did. Then cut out the pattern to make the felt animals, dolls and other felt patterns.

Felt Tooth Tiger

aking a tooth fairy pillow with felt and hand stitching - Find out more and the felt pattern used at DearCreatives.com
Making a tooth fairy pillow in the shape of a tiger.

I used the craft pattern (page 73) (template page 115) for the most part but, when visiting I didn’t have fiber poly-fil stuffing for stuffing the tooth fairy pillow. Adapting the pattern, I decided to leave the bottom open and keep the feet off. This would allow the tooth fairy (mom or dad) to insert money inside the tiger. The little pocket on the outside is for the lost tooth. The felt panda is so cute when stuffed! As pictured in the book. This panda felt craft project is cute no matter how you make it. Not only was it easy but, it went very quickly by using the sewing pattern and the instructions with step-by-step images. The finished size is about 4 inches.

I decided to glue and hand sew a felt backing to the hands and tail to hide the back of the embroidery stitching. I completed this projects over two mornings of coffee and chatting with my daughter. It’s so easy and was fun!

Making A Felt Panda

Felt Craft Books - Hand Sewing, Felt Craft Patterns - Craft Book Review... Find out more DearCreatives.com

My granddaughter spotted the pattern (page 45) (template page 108) for a pocket panda which I made into a finger puppet (since I didn’t have stuffing with me). This felt craft project was simple to make! With a few pieces and only in black and white I was able to complete this quickly. It would make a great beginner hand sewing project for kids. And would look adorable stuffed and finished as a pocket panda.

Topics in the felt craft book (Sewing Simple Softies)

  1. Basic Sewing Supplies – Sewing Scissors, Sewing Needles, Embroidery Floss Pack
  2. Fabrics – Various felts acrylic felt, wool felt (my favorite Etsy Shop for felt supplies) and cotton fabrics and, using recycled and other fabrics
  3. Basic Stitches and Sewing Techniques
  4. Tips For Teaching Kids To Sew
  5. Projects
  6. Patterns

Craft Books Review – Sewing Simple Softies and The Zenki Way

Our thoughts on the two felt craft books.

Sewing Simple Softies

Sewing Simple Softies with 17 Amazing Designers

I think either of these books is great to have on hand to teach your kids or grandkids hand sewing and felt crafts! For me, I loved the Sewing Simple Softies it has plenty of felt crafts for adults to make. Along with a good mix of felt crafts easy enough for the kids!

The Zenki Way

The Zenki Way: A Guide to Designing & Enjoying Your

The Zenki Way is a craft book for kids. And it has felt crafts for kids that they will love to make! The book would be great for summer boredom busters or rainy days. The felt craft book also has instructions for kids to design their own softies and creations. After my grandkids come to visit in the summer I will update the post with images of their kid’s crafts! I can’t wait to see what they make with the help of this book. They had their eyes on making the bat, fox, and unicorn besides trying their own designs.

To preview more crafts in the books or other reviews and to purchase just follow the links above. Or pin it for later!

Happy Crafting!

Craft Book Reviews Sewing Simple Softies and The Zenki Way - Craft Felt Books - Find out more DearCreatives.com

Which craft book do you want to try?

Want to make felt crafts while you wait for your books to come?

Make Play Pizza! Kids Activity -includes free printable templates for pizza, pizza topping and pizza making checklist. Plus, full instructions. Print, cut, play, learn - have fun with the kids today! DearCreatives.com

Make a felt pizza. Pattern templates for making felt pizza. Pizza slice template, Pizza topping template (both black and white and colored)… Use this activity for the kids or use it as a pattern to trace and cut, then hand-sew the pieces together. This makes fun felt play-pizza for kids. See the post for more ideas and tips on how to use the craft project with felt. 

Find more felt craft projects or shop for the latest felt craft books, crafts and supplies.

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