Learn Traditional Stitches In Non Traditional Ways! Hand Sewing On Fabric and Paper!

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It’s that time of year when I dig into craft books for inspiration, and ideas for upcoming projects in crafting, sewing and DIY. I have been wanting to do more hand sewing as we head into the cooler part of the year. It’s nice to have a hobby you can do while watching a show, or waiting in the school pick up line. 

Craft Book Review

The Hand-Stitched Surface

How to hand stitch, and do mixed media for fabric and paper. Along with embroidery techniques. See the full sewing DIY craft book review at DearCreatives.com

Do you want to learn hand stitching, embroidery and mixed media techniques Craft book review for The Hand Stitched Surface DearCreatives.com

A while back I received a copy of today’s book for free. I have been reading the craft book The Hand Stitched Surface. It’s a mixed media book for fabric, and paper. The book covers, and has resources for hand stitching, types of stitches, color selection of fabrics, and pattern making. Along with projects, and templates. 

hand stitched tea towel with coffee design - DearCreatives.com

The book has 8 fabric projects, all outlined and with photos, and 7 paper projects. There are templates for many of the projects in the book. I really have been wanting to try the coffee addict kitchen towel. This project has a template, which you can find in the back of the book. 

Author  Lynn Krawczyk talks about slow stitching, about being present, and in the moment. Referring to your artwork, hand stitching. You can read more in the preview of her book. 

overview of embroidery stitches - DearCreatives.com

What’s fun about hand stitching? Being able to take your work with you to work on, getting back to basics of some of the needle crafts that could become a lost art. 

What I really like about her book is she uses traditional stitches in modern, and non traditional ways. She covers some fabric basics, tools, and tips for stitching on fabrics. You basically are learning to surface stitch, as you get better with your stitching you can improve or make patterns. Lynn covers basics, along with advanced techniques. 

hand stitched and stamped ribbon The Hand Stitched Surface craft book review - DearCreatives.com

Some of my favorites in this sewing craft book; the boho coasters, kitchen towel DIY, fabric necklace fabric projects, and fabric needle book. The photography is like an art book in itself. If you know a needle crafter or have ever wanted to learn more about needle crafts, they may enjoy this as a great resource. 

What types of hand crafts or sewing do you enjoy doing? Hand stitching? Embroidery? Needlecrafts? Or ? 

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  1. I never would have thought that you can stitch on paper. This reminds me of my grandmother. We used to do cross stitch and latch hooking together. I t’s one of my fondest memories of her.

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