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Do You Want to Learn to Draw, Paint and Collage? Art Books Worth Reading!

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Today I am sharing two arts books you will enjoy reading, and using as reference guides to learning how to draw, and paint. One of the books covers collage too with a bonus. I will give you an over view of both of these new art books on the market. See why we think these art and craft books will spark your creativity. 

Art Books 

Art Books to spark your creativity. Learn how to draw, paint, and collage. See our book reviews of these two new art books. #books #art #creativity #painting #drawing #collage #bookreview #artsandcrafts #newbooks

We did receive these two art and crafts books for free to review from The Quarto Group, and share our honest opinions. 


The Creature Garden by Harry & Zanna Goldhawk an art book for learning how to draw, and paint animals, mystical creatures, and fictional fauna. See art book review at DearCreatives.com

“The Creature Garden”

The minute I took the two books out of the package Sammie grabbed this one. The cover of “The Creature Garden” caught her attention. We both thumbed through it, and then off she went to use it. If you want to learn how to draw animals, or learn to draw step by step this is a great book for novices, and those more advanced. 

inside the book The Creature Garden how to draw animals CATS DearCreatives.com

The book covers how to draw 50 animals in a step by step method. This is great book for how to get started, and practice to get good at drawing. It also covers patterns, and whimsical folk art style.

cat drawing, and patterned background from using the book The Creature Garden DearCreatives.com

Each project takes you through every step of the artistic process. Sammie really enjoys using this book for how to learn how to draw, and using the step by step guides. She used ink pens for creating this cat drawing shown above.

  • The book covers drawing mammals, marine life, birds, insects, mythical creatures, and more. It also covers tools, and materials for the projects. 

Butterfly watercolor made using the book The Creature Garden. Learn how to draw, see how this book can help you DearCreatives.com

For this watercolor of a butterfly Sammie used the book as inspiration, and reference.

You’ll be inspired by the folk art style that Harry, and Anna Goldhawk share. Both whom studied illustration, and have a shared love of nature, and color.

The Creature Garden inside look into the book for learning how to draw, and paint. DearCreatives.com

This art book can be used for older kids, or teens, and adults alike for learning how to draw in a Scandinavian folk-art style. Hands down this was a favorite for Sammie, and she continues to use it for learning how to draw, and painting. I can’t wait to have more time to sit down, and use it myself. 

The Creature Garden: An Illustrator's Guide to Beautiful Beasts &

Preview or purchase the book

Geninne's Art Birds in Watercolor, Collage, and Ink see book review at DearCreatives.com

“Geninne’s Art: Birds In Watercolor, Collage, And Ink”

One of the first art blogs I read was by Gennine Ziatkis. I have always loved her style, and use of nature. From her photography of nature as a reference to her drawing, and collage. She is inspirational. She is most known for her paintings, and collages of birds. 

This book covers her field guide to her art process. First she observes nature, then photographs it, and takes it all into the studio for creating her artwork. If you are looking for a book to inspire you to get creative, and make art this book does just that. 

Broken down into 4 parts, the art book covers:

  1. Introduction (including tips for photography)
  2. Watercolor
  3. Collage
  4. Drawing with Ink
  5. Finishes with a bonus of pages of papers in the book you can use for collage (see collage page I did with paper from the book below)

Geninne's Art collage papers from inside the book by geninne d zlatkis find out more at DearCreatives.com

With the introduction you get a feel for who Gennine is, and how she got started drawing birds. Then onto her love of art supplies, and how she sets up her studio. She doesn’t share how to in regards to photography but, rather when and how she uses it for references. But, does discuss her favorite lens. 

For the watercolor she does share her step by step process for creating her bird and nature inspired artwork. She also shares her process for collage, and drawing with ink. 

Geninne's Art collage papers from inside the book by geninne d zlatkis find out more at DearCreatives.com

The collage papers are beautiful and you can remove them to create with. There are a lot of colors, and some vintage collage papers.

Collage Papers from the book Geninne's Art DearCreatives.com

A few of those pages include her artwork.

Geninne's Art Birds in Watercolor, Collage and Ink and a collage made from collage paper in the book DearCreatives.com
Collage by Theresa Huse DearCreatives.com with papers from the book 

Here’s a collage I did in my journal page with the paper from the book. I can’t wait to share more artwork when I have time to create from the book. Collage is fun to do in your journals, and great if you don’t enjoy drawing but, want to get creative.  Geninne's Art: Birds In Watercolor, Collage, and Ink

Preview or purchase the book.

Gennine is an artist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her previous book is Making An Impression, with Lark in 2012. 

Do you enjoy drawing, and painting? Collage?

Looking for more arts and crafts books? 

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