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Candle Making Craft Book + Kit “Creative Candle Making”

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I have always wanted to try candle making. Have you? I thought you might like to see a quick video and sneak peek of a new book that we were sent. See inside of this craft book, “CREATIVE CANDLE MAKING“. I received this new craft book to review for free. I’ve been so swamped I haven’t had time to make anything from the craft kit that comes inside of the book. But, I promise to share what I make from this candle making kit!

Are you ready to find out how to make candles? We think this would make a great gift idea for someone who loves candles, enjoys making DIY projects, and crafts. It would be perfect as a craft kit for adults or a craft kit for teens. It comes with instructions and materials to make all-natural candles at home!


Craft Book – Craft Kit 

You will find both a craft book and craft kit inside the Creative Candle Making book which is available at Amazon.  “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Candle Making Craft Book

Candle Making Craft Book and Craft Kit - Creative Candle Making DearCreatives.comWhat is in this craft book and candle making craft kit? 

There are 12 candle recipes, an overview of candle making supplies, and instructions. Make floating candles to modern cement pillar candles.

Craft Book Overview

Sneak Peek! 

In the front of the book contains the introduction, contents index, what’s included in the kit, dos, and don’ts, troubleshooting…

  • Candle Projects for Winter
  • Candle Projects for Spring
  • Candle Projects for Summer
  • Candle Projects for Fall

For each of these seasons, there are three projects for a total of 12.

Table of Contents 

Candle Making Craft Book Table of Contents - Craft book review DearCreatives.com

To get you started there is a candle making kit with a sheet of beeswax, soy wax flakes, s floating candle mold, 2 wicks, flower fragrance, and 12 inches woven cotton wicking. 

There is an overview of other materials and ingredients you might need for any of the candle projects listed in the book. I think most every crafter will have many of the supplies listed, with a few exceptions. There are two main tools to invest in a wax pot water bath and a thermometer. Or you could use an old pot for melting the wax? I will let you know after we try this. 

Candle Making Craft Book - Craft Kit - See the review at DearCreatives.com

Our thoughts on the book

I love the detailed images and instructions in the book, along with the craft kit. I think it will be really easy to follow the projects. Perfect for beginners or more advanced candle makers. It also goes over candle safety tips.

As stated prior: If you haven’t tried candle making before you will either need the wax pot or a candle making kit or old pot you don’t care about anymore (and won’t use for anything but, wax melting after), and a thermometer to supplement what comes in the book. But, with a few other supplies, you will be able to make many of the projects. 

As for teens, we always recommend adult supervision when working with tools, or heated projects. Having a teen that is 17, I know she would love to make any of these projects. We are planning to do a few soon to share the results with you. Until then, happy crafting and making!  

About the Author

 “Creative Candle Making” is authored by Meredith Mennitt who is a craft connoisseur and weekend artist. After living and creating in NYC for over a decade she now lives in Seattle. She often has multiple projects going on at once. 

Where to purchase the book?

Available on Amazon- (Creative Candle Making) and where books are sold. 

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