Happy New Year & Behind The Blog A Year In Review Goodbye 2014

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Happy New Year! With the close of 2014 I thought I’d share some of my reflections on this past year and wish you a happy new year. Here is a few of our favorite posts, photographs and travels. Along with everything that made 2014 Oh, so special on the blog and behind the blog!

This year has been filled with many things to be grateful for. Our family has grown, everyone is healthy and working. This site is a labor of love in which each year brings new opportunities and continued growth. I love creating, writing and sharing it all with my lovely readers! I love it when you stop by, comment and talk to me on Facebook, Twitter or other social media!

  • I want to thank each of my readers for your support and wish you the best in the new year! 

I have to thank our lovely sponsors who helped keep our blog filled with things to share with you, there may be too many to mention but, your not forgotten if missed on this post, thank you! This past year we partnered and worked with, in no particular order; Joann Fabrics and Crafts, General Mills, Epson, Smart & Final, Minted, Walmart, Deco Arts, Bic, Home Depot, Toy State Toys, Social Fabric, BrandBacker, Udi’s, OroWeat, Milo’s and many more! Our regular sponsors on our sidebar! I look forward to creating, crafting, sewing and sharing more great content with these brands and more in the coming year! 

Recap of Dear Creatives high’s of 2014;

Traveling to Minneapolis, MN to visit General Mills; 

Photo collage  from Platefull Co-Op Retreat General Mills_© 2014 Theresa Huse _DearCreatives.com

I had the chance to fly to Minneapolis, MN. and stay in a downtown hotel with other bloggers back in May. We were wined and dined, toured the General Mills Company facilities and campus. We had one day where they planned a food photography and styling presentation. It was packed full of tips from their photographer and stylist. We got to take away lots of helpful tips!

I met some amazing food and lifestyle bloggers! On the company tour we met many folks from the different departments who were all wonderful!The tour included seeing many pieces of memorabilia, behind the scenes prop rooms, filming, editing, kitchens and we also had a gathering in a room that included all the original Betty Crocker Paintings one for each decade. (amazing to see in person) We had the chance to try award winner’s recipes that I photographed and shared in the collage.

We also had the chance to compete in a challenge, create a recipe with 2-3 picked products and create it at a cooking facility outside of General Mills. One of our team mates had to fly out early but, Brooke and I decided we could create our idea that Maria helped us with no problem. Focused, ready we took to the challenge. You can see some images of the dessert we came up with and film crew over on InstaGram that I had posted. As underdogs we never thought we’d win but, that we did!! 


A photo posted by dearcreatives (@dearcreatives) on

Then recently we got word that our community was being closed, insert sad face. I hope to stay in touch with as many that I met at the retreat as I can in and out of General Mills. 

Traveling New York City; 

My oldest daughter had a difficult time in March with having her baby son pre mature. She handled it better than I ever could of especially being a first time mom. My daughter Jen went to help, then later we flew out. After a month in the hospital little Theo was finally able to go home. We traveled to NYC to stay with her before she transitioned back to work taking NYC by storm. Little Theo in pack or stroller with us when they accompanied us. We visited many places we thought our readers would love and I still have more to write about! But, the best part was spending time with family every evening and on the weekends! 

Some of Our Favorite places in NYC on this trip were; 

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens New York City_© 2014 Theresa Huse_DearCreatives.com

We’d already been to the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Staten Island Ferry, Brooklyn Bridge, Prospect Park and various other must see sights. We hope to go back again revisit some and add to our list! Biggest take away always wear your walking shoes! 

Favorite Posts of 2014 Behind The Blog Series Posts;

Favorite Food Posts of 2014;

Of course the recipe index and galleries have so many more recipes we loved. 

Favorite Project’s of 2014;

I would have to say there are quite a few favorite projects but, these two were super special; my woodland animal rounds and this baby quilt that Sammie helped me with pictured below that I didn’t have time to blog. I couldn’t have cut and laid out this baby quilt making this in time without Sammie’s help. It was just under crib size to last little Theo for years. I used The cutest woodland fabrics from Michael Miller. Of course there wasn’t one project that I didn’t enjoy making! You can see them all under diy improvement projects, crafts projects and sewing! 

baby quilt_ baby quilt with Michael Miller fabrics__2_© 2014 DearCreatives.com

Most Pinned Post & Our Most Used Project of 2014; 

Favorite Behind the Scenes Photos of 2014; 


Blog behind the scene bloopers_© 2014 DearCreatives.com

Every photo shoot has a moment of fun, silliness or just a photo bomb. Here are a few of our favorite behind the scenes silly moments. And it never fails with a teen that a cell phone some how comes into play making us wait. 

This years blogging life take away s; 

  • Always take chances
  • Life is full of surprises 
  • Be grateful for each opportunity that comes my way big or small
  • Be willing to put yourself out there and travel
  • Always be ready to help family 
  • Embrace every day for the little or big things that happen
  • Never stop challenging yourself or learning
  • Work hard / Play hard
  • Make every day count

Young lady playing the piano_ © Theresa Huse_DearCreatives.com

Proud moments are when you talk the talk and see your kids walk the talk! I’m always letting my youngest know the lessons in life have to be earned, learned and done with focus and fun….. She has made many friendships, her academics are excelling and music has expanded with her dedication. Playing songs for me instead of helping me clean but, I don’t have to ask her to practice and I let her any time she pleases. Which pleases me! 

I’m excited to see what this coming year has in store for her as she has an interest in photography and helps me both in front of the camera by modeling,  along with sometimes helping me behind the camera with shots. She has also had an interest in learning coding. Hopefully she can one day help me in that area too! Always drawing she is inspiring me to open up my journal again this year with more focus. 

Well I’ve been thinking a lot about things for us in the new year. I hope you continue to take the journey with us with all we’ll have to share with you! Again, Wishing you a Happy New Year!

What was your favorite post from 2014? What things would you like to see here in 2015? 

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  1. It was such a pleasure meeting you at the Retreat. You made me feel warm and welcomed and I appreciated that! We will definitely stay in touch as we already have. I’m sad about Platefull closing too 🙁

    Here’s to an awesome 2015 with many more opportunities for us both ;)!

    1. Hi Stacie, The feeling is mutual. Yes, it’s hard when a brand you love decides they need a change but, maybe this is their way of taking time to revamp to something better. Yes, cheers to a wonderful year of blogging friendships, blogging fun and opportunities to share with our readers! Happy New Year!

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