Newsies Touring North America & How to Get Discounted Theater Tickets

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As we are winding down the year there are several topics I have wanted to share on my list that kept getting pushed back, back and back. But, I can’t let this year go by without sharing how to get theater show discounts and what theater show we saw. Today is an entertainment post that I hope you enjoy. At the end of the post I have where you can find out the tour dates of the show, where to purchase tickets and how we enjoyed this theater show. Drum roll please! Newsies! This Broadway show is now touring North America. 

When we were in New York this past summer we headed over to see what shows we could see, that is at a discount, we ended up seeing Newsies. When purchasing tickets always check to see if there are specific days for discounts, student or senior discounts and also check to see if your local city sells tickets at discounts for shows. In NYC you can grab them in Times Square and in Brooklyn, among other locations. TKTS is one option.

Newsies The Musical by Disney; 

Newsies at the Nederlander NYC Times Square New York_© 2014

Getting Discount tickets for theater shows; 

TKTS sells same day Broadway and Off Broadway Tickets. Selections to shows vary, some do sell out prior to your turn at the window. Have several show choices in mind prior to going. Be flexible. This is a great way to see shows at a fraction of the cost. If you know someone who lives in the NYC area you can also purchase gift certificates for them to use. A great gift idea for the holidays, a birthday… especially for anyone who loves theater. Visit TDF Theater Development Fund a non-profit service organization for the theater arts. The TKTS Times Square ticket booth is located at the intersection of Broadway and 7th at 47th Street. Then there is the South Street SeaPort and Dount tickets owntown Brooklyn ticket booths. Find out more visit TDF TKTS overview up to 50% off  Remember in other cities to find out your options and even consider a matinee shows. There are also ways to usher for theaters which allow you to view shows but, you usually commit to a season of dates and have to go to a few meetings. If you love theater this can be a great option. You just need to inquire with local theaters to see if they have this option. 

TKTS  TDF Ticket Area_© 2014

When we got our tickets we considered several shows but, then picked Newsies out of all the tickets that were available for next day. I had an idea of what the show would be as I saw some behind the scenes making of the Newsies. I also knew that it was a Disney production. When we were in Los Angeles I saw Aladdin also a Disney production and it was really great and perfect for even young kids. But, I must tell you that if you have kids under 6 years old Newsies might now be the show for them. There is a lot of singing and dancing yes but, nothing flashy so it really depends on their maturity level. 

Review of Disney’s Newsies Theater Show; 

Newsies Set_© 2014

We hopped on local subway lines and headed over to Times Square early with our tickets. We had enough time to grab a quick coffee and head over into line to see the show. 

 Newsies is an adaptation of the historical news boys strike of the 1899 which subsequently enacted child labor laws. The show is filled with song and dance telling the story. The acting is top knot-ch. The singing and dancing AMAZING! This show is the Winner of the 2012 Tony Awards® for Best Score and Best Choreography. This show doesn’t miss a beat. It’s one of those shows you sit down to see and the next thing it’s over. We loved it! 

Times Square and going to Newsies show in NYC_© 2014

Find out about Newsies  North American Tour Schedule; 

  • Newsies is now touring North America! Be sure to check out the schedule to find out about dates and tickets in your city or a city your visiting. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! To see a video clips of the show and Broadway finale visit You Tube channel: DisneyonBroadway

When we entered the theater Sammie saw lots of memorabilia for sale. Since we were visiting I let her get a Newsies hat. We sat up front and at one point during the show they tossed Newsies newspapers out into the audience, she managed to grab a few. With her theater program, Newsies newspapers and hat she was one happy young lady after the show. Sammie’s first show that she saw was when she was four on Broadway The Beauty and The Beast. It was hard to believe it had been 8 years since our last NYC trip. Now that she’s getting older we will have to make it up to San Francisco to see shows more often. 

What theater shows have you seen that you’ve enjoyed? Have you seen Newsies? 

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  1. I loved the Newsies when I was little – I’m totally going to take my son in February when they are nearby in Miami. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have always loved Newsies the movie, and can’t wait to see the musical! Hopefully they’ll be coming Kansas City. Heading over to check the schedule now!

  3. Love this! I really want to take my son to a show, I think he would love it! (I also really want to take my kids to NYC!)

    1. Hi Lauren, I your son would love it! NYC is great but, so much easier when the kids are a bit older. The first time we went with Sammie she was 4 and my teen and I carried her everywhere when she got tired. Ended up taking cabs more than public transportation which ads up. Be sure to plan it out as it’s an awesome experience I wish everyone could have, as there is so much to see and do!

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