Behind the Blog: Life Moments & Words To Live By

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Almost Wordless Wednesday, today I am sharing Behind the Blog with you. You know when you have a set of posts written but, they need a little tweaking. Well, yesterday my heart was pulling me to another direction. The direction of spending some time with Sammie. She’s at the age where her room is her haven. Hidden away, doing homework, listening to music, talking to friends, learning songs and singing while playing the ukulele. Although she we spend time together sometimes our quality time has been muted. There are highs and lows with middle school I need to hear them all. I want to be there for those life moments.

Yesterday I went to hang out in her room. She played songs, we chatted and we put together our meal plan for the week (late). Everything for me today was slightly off key except for the moments we spent hanging out. Her cat welcoming me to her and Sammie’s domain and laying next to me on the bed. Sammie laughing. It just felt like quality time was needed.

Behind the Blog-Life moments and words to live by;

Mother and daughter_ Artist Credit Sherry Michelle_1085065_226838277468372_1743321583_o

 Image Credit Sherry Michelle Photography

I have so much to say to her when she listens. I’m totally in love with Sherry Michelle’s photograph we all need more days like that, no matter what age our daughters are. Just laughing, loving and spending time together.

While she was in school I cleaned up, listened to a webinar. I’ve been trying to teach myself Photoshop. It might be easier to take a class even though I watched a few tutorials on YouTube and can do a few things. I took a photograph that I shot of some marigolds and changed it to an artistic water color, lightened the transparency, adding the quotes and washi tape.

Quotes for any age

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 And that’s what my yesterday was.

When was the last time you just decided to listen or play?

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