Woodland Painting On Wood Rounds

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A while back when I posted for my Behind the Blog series I shared the pencil draft for two of my wood round paintings. Today I thought I’d share why I love woodland so much and the completed woodland paintings.

As a child I loved the outdoors it was my little escape. We lived in a home where the back yard was terraced in three levels full of trees such as oak, plants like azelea bushes, big bushy plants and ferns. We had a little play area under the deck. All this backed up to an area that had a park with casting ponds, lush grasses and a stream that was surrounded by woodsy type area.

We also were taken to Yosemite National Park every summer. Long walks through forest areas, rock and meadows. If you have never been and love nature it’s a place you should add to your bucket list. One year we were at an outlook where an astronomy club was set up and watched the stars and we able to see the planets. Nature was embedded into me.

Deer_Fox_Bear_Woodland Paintings on Wood Rounds

I am not a technical artist per say. I do reference an animal when I start but, I draw and paint from my heart. I used to think you have to be technical, get things perfect. I compared my art far too much that I stopped drawing and painting at one point. I took classes in decorative art which is very precise. But, life is messy sometimes. I started to journal, make messy art and explore. I  looked at artist’s work I loved. Not all of it is perfect, feel the story and listen to the colors.

Deer _Woodland Painting on Wood

This drawing and painting from the heart allowed me to be able to try more things, be a bit more messier and allow for natural mistakes. I am slowly finding me in my art and crafts with no apologies, without being hard on myself.

Fox _ Woodland Painting_

I am enjoying the journey of each new arts and crafts project as I move through them. I am that way with my photography and sewing too. I am fine working through learning, mistakes and happy with each new finished piece.

Bear_ Woodland Painting

I think it’s important to know where you are at with your art or crafts and push through with learning without being too hard on yourself. Practice, enjoy and repeat the process!

Chalkboard paint and name on wood round_ hand painted_

Since these were done for a nursery I wanted the fox and bear to have more of a sweet look to their faces. I’ll be working on getting close ups to possibly sell these as prints with the exception of Theo’s name. I can go through the process of how to create these another time and offer a template for drawing them. But, that will be down the road a bit. Of course if you are interested in custom made ones you can email me an inquiry.

Have you painted on wood or wood rounds?


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  1. These are so sweet. Perfect for a nursery. I love how you talked through the journey of creativity. Often we can be so hard on ourselves. The real beauty in our crafting comes when we create from the heart. I’d love for you to share this at my Creative Ways Link Party when you get a chance! Hope to see you there!

    1. Hi Nici, Thank you glad you enjoyed the post and the finished paintings. I’ll be sure to drop by thanks for the invite and your lovely comment.

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