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Do you ever feel like you have too much going on? You know your coming into the busy season but, you heart and head tells you stop! You need to refresh, unwind and breath! November is about being thankful. For me it means time to reflect on the year that almost has gone by. Sometimes I go through my photographs that document not only the blog but, most importantly my family life. Today I thought I’d share a few photographs along with things that have touched my heart lately.

I loved having my family visit from New York even if it was a short visit. I had the pleasure of babysitting little Theo while my daughter and son in law attended a friends wedding. He was so good for me! I had to soak in every moment! Wrap him with love and kisses.

Baby teething on a toy giraffe _

Then as quick as they came my NYC family flew home again. Little Theo got his wings from Delta airlines! Oh, such a good traveler his mommy tells me. I hope he has many trips to us and we have many to visit them! If only airline tickets grew on trees! I’ll miss this little sweet baby. (& parents) I wish I was closer to see those milestone moments. But, in the between time am thankful for Face-time.

Girl Jumping for Joy at the beach_

We got a new transmission put in the car! Glad to have that behind us. A few days of the Mr. pulling extra driving duty while we waited for it to be fixed. Hopefully to hold us over until the right time for a new car. It sure makes you appreciate having transportation. (we live in a rural area) I am thankful for this!

Feet in the surf at the Beach_

Since Sammie was at school when we all went to the beach I promised her a trip over since she had Monday and Tuesday off.You know there are times when a mom just needs to connect one on one. I think we equally love the beach, being in nature, walking along the shore. Sammie even has an interest in photography. I love handing her the camera and seeing her take on the world! She took the photograph above.

feathers in a hand_

I may have a new assistant soon. I am thankful I dropped everything and we had this time together!

Girl at the beach_

These moments are priceless. I took many photos of her, telling her there will never be this day, this moment and age that we’ll have together again. She’s growing and changing into a young women so fast. We both agree red lipstick suits her. Where did my little girl go?

It’s been one of those week’s where I’ve been playing catch up. Missing my own posting deadlines, putting family first. Then important telephone calls,  (good things coming!) emails, unexpected company! That’s just fine as usually we are so quite and in such a routine here. Once we hit the weekend I’m using those to days to get fully caught up. Well, as much as possible. I hope you can forgive me for having my head in the clouds and feet in the sand!

  • If I haven’t said it lately I’m thankful for all my readers!

P. S. Did you know all my photo editing is done with PicMonkey You can sign up for free! You’ll love all the creative options they offer!

What moments are you most thankful for lately?


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  1. I have been struggling with slowing down and taking things at a bit more balanced pace. I really need to slow down now while I have a chance to, but I am struggling to do just that.
    Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Hi Amy, It’s especially hard this time of year to find the balance and slow down.Even if it’s only 15 minutes out of your day it would be a start.It’s amazing what a 15-20 min. time out can do to re-energize your day. Maybe just start with something like that. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. A great post. I think being thankful is something we all need to do more often. I agree with your comment about having a new assistant. The photos looked great!

    1. I agree Deborah. Especially when we are in the day to day. Right, Sammie is taking Year Book in school and it’s really helping her photography skills. Thanks for the compliments.

  3. Oh, look at those little baby arms! And your daughter is beautiful. I agree, it’s important sometimes to put work aside and just be. Lovely post!

    1. Hi Bev, It’s those little chubby bodies that get you every time. So hugable! Thanks, I think so too she’s really growing up quick! & thanks for the compliment on the post.

    1. Hi Joanna, Wish they would of had Sophie when my older kids were little. I love giraffe’s I would of owned one. It’s little Theo’s favorite toy.Thanks for the compliments on the photos.

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