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Today we are sharing DearCreatives.com top posts for 2019. Posts readers loved the most. Plus, a few of our favorite lifestyle posts and our year in review. Then we have a new reader survey (and giveaway) which I’ll tell you about and link to in a minute.  But, first I would like to thank all my readers and subscribers for being here! I felt the love this year. Made connections with many of you here and on social media. It’s meant the world to us! Wishing you a healthy, fun, creative and prosperous New Year! I am sending the love right back to you! 

Be sure to comment and chat with us on social media it’s so easy to have conversations on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. So don’t be shy! Connect with us! You will find the social media buttons above. Now, onto the reader favorite crafts and DIY projects, and recipes. Don’t forget to join in the reader survey and giveaway at the end of the post! 

Most Popular Posts, Crafts and Recipes on DearCreatives.com- 2019 a year in review, Reader Survey- DearCreatives.com

Reader Favorites – Top Posts For Dear Creatives (2019)

  1. Best Design Tools
  2. Our Halloween Ideas and Halloween Costumes (Wirt) (Coraline) (Bank Robber) (Little House on The Prairie Costume) (Anne of Green Gables)… Find them all (here)
  3. Natural Homemade Lotion DIY
  4. Grapevine Wreath Tutorial (Grapevine Wreath Ideas)
  5. Felt Craft Projects
  6. Travel Planner (Free Printables)
  7. Back To School Teen Checklist
  8. Unicorn Dream Catcher (Unicorn DIYS)
  9. How To Sew A Duvet Cover
  10. DIY Small Cabinet/Tea Cupboard and DIY Dresser to Kitchen Island 

Reader Favorites- Top Recipes for Dear Creatives (2019)

  1. Lasagna With Meat Sauce
  2. Strawberry Icebox Pie
  3. Autumn Chicken Casserole 
  4. Beet Cucumber Tomato Salad
  5. Santa Cookies
  6. Cream Cheese Tortilla Roll-Ups
  7. Patriotic Treat Snack Mix
  8. The Best Meatloaf
  9. Ground Beef Tacos
  10. Italian Chicken Pasta Salad

Halloween Chalkboard Art - Trick or Treat Chalkboard Art Sign - See this and other chalkboard art ideas at DearCreatives.comOur top three favorite crafts this year

  1.  Mason Jar Crafts are fun and easy! 
  2. Chalkboard Art I love the challenge of illustrating and pretty hand lettering. Plus, my daughters Krissy and Sammie love it too. (We have a chalkboard challenge and love sharing our new boards here and on Instagram)  You can find my Thanksgiving Board on Pinterest. Sam’s Trick or Treat Chalkboard DIY
  3. I really enjoyed making crafts for kids when the grandkids visit. Or make kids projects they can do with their mom. The most fun we had when we made a tin cookie jar into a unicorn decoration. And when all the grandkids were over we made   

Our favorite recipes this year

  1.  Soup Recipes We love soup!!
  2. Smoothie Recipes to start the day, lunch, snack and when it’s too hot to eat! 
  3. We are crazy about our Instant Pot Recipes. They make things so easy for dinners.
  4. If you liked our Autumn Chicken Casserole then you will love our Mexican Chicken Casserole! Or this post all about The Best Casserole Dishes to Bake In

Stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses. Eye wear trends- how to find your style. See how to select the style that will look best on you! DearCreatives.com #style #eyeglasses #sunglasses

The most fun we had this year shooting posts 

  1. Going to Wits End to shoot this travel post
  2. Definitely Cambria when we did the photoshoot for How To Pick Out Stylish Glasses and Sunglasses
  3. Sam’s graduation photos that I took. I have yet to share them but, promise I will! 
  • Most shared post on Facebook was this post on the blog for Healthy Lifestyle Tips – (5 Easy Tips For Your Morning Routine)

Unexpected moment 

  1. When I was contacted about a brand purchasing my photography for ads! (I’ve come a long way with my photography! It was really bad when I first started, ha!) 

Of course, we have so many favorites over the past year, we try to share them right here on the blog or on social media! 

Behind the blog - a year in review DearCreatives.com

What has been going on behind the blog? 

The end of the year hasn’t been easy for us –

  • One of my daughter’s lost her father in law if you follow on Instagram you probably saw my post. 
  • One of my son’s good friends got hit head-on in the morning with someone trying to pass him. He is healing but, he lost his wife. 
  • I got my flu shot but, after a trip to the dentist (which always stresses me out) I caught a cough, and the cold lasted 3 weeks! SERIOUSLY the worst. I’m on the mend now. (I was wiping down everything in my home to keep everyone healthy) Thank goodness for Clorox Wipes and Lysol Wipes! They are all healthy. 

The good stuff that has happened lately- 

  • My youngest, Sammie who you see on the blog got accepted into college with a (half + paid!) scholarship. You’ll be hearing more about this. I am happy and sad, as it is out of state! 
  • We opened our home, and our hearts again, we adopted two twin kittens. Our house is full of fluff, fun, and purrs. We named them Yin and Yang. The gavel struck no more pets now. But, that is ok as we will continue to visit and volunteer at the local animal shelter.
  • I have started a new project. Revamping a dollhouse. (This was supposed to be done in December)
  • I took down Christmas and added a few new decor accents. (shared this on Facebook)
  • We are starting our spring cleaning early! Uh, and yay at the same time! lol 
  • Sam and I are making a college move-in checklist! I promise to share in case you have a teen you are sending off to college. It will be a free printable

I’m planning our 2020 calendar but, I would love to add your favorite topics to it so I hope you do our reader survey! 
Reader Survey and Giveaway - Plus a year in review of DearCreatives.com

Reader Survey Dear Creatives

Why take the reader survey? To let me know what you would like to read, what topics are your favorite… and give you the best content for 2020! And you can let me know what kinds of free printables and other freebies you’d love to have to help you with your kids, family, and home! Whether it’s meal planning, goal setting, reading lists, checklists, cleaning lists or cute weekly planners. You name it we’ll make it for you! 

  1. Must be a current Subscriber (If you are new here, you can complete it too, just be sure to SUBSCRIBE FIRST.) 
  2. You will be entered in a giveaway for a $15. Gift Card To Amazon 
  3. Answer all the questions it should only take 5-10 minutes 

Remember if you are new here be sure to Subscribe and never miss out! Happy New Year! Hello, 2020! 

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