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Now that summer is in full swing I’ll be sharing a bit more behind the blog posts. Sharing what we are doing or have done. Things that have caught my eye around the web, classes I’ve taken, maybe if I’m lucky books I’ve read and of course crafting, easy DIY projects and blogging tips. Today I am sharing key learnings and a few tips from my photography class I took over at CreativeLive.

Right now we are just back from our trip to NYC and visiting  my oldest daughter, her new baby and husband. (photos coming) Just before we left I finished up three days of learning food photography. This was a great free online class that I shared previously here. These types of classes are great for anyone wanting to improve on their photography skills.

I took tons of notes. During breaks pulled out my camera and stretched my legs. The class was taught by Todd and Diane of White on Rice blog . They make a living as photographers shooting and styling food. I could feel that passion in their voices when speaking about creating the shots. They spoke of their process, sharing, speaking of their early days, mistakes and learning curves.

Believe in Yourself_girl smelling flower_

One of the biggest suggestions for learning that I kept hearing is practice! I’ve even said it myself as without doing it you can’t know how your shots will translate. As a starting point I kept hearing less is more. You can continue to add things into a shot but, hard to take things out. A huge moment is when Todd said, ” We may be seeking perfection but, perfect is never there. It’s an elusive concept.” How many times do you sit there and re-shoot trying to get the perfect shot?

Key take away’s from the CreativeLive class;

  • Never stop learning
  • There are so many amazing photographers
  • Believe in yourself

Snapshot of my day as a blogger

In regards to the amazing photographers I agree. Every time I think I am improving I visit a website, visit a photography gallery, take a class like this or view the photography gallery from all the photographers that were in the class and am in plain awe. How will I ever get to that level?

Sweet Tea

Hello! Practice, practice and more practice! Even though this class was for food photography I learned so many concepts, tips, lighting,  and a bit about the business side as well, all while sipping my sweet ice tea. I decided to take a shot of my ice tea. I didn’t leave enough space at the bottom of the shot to rotate so the cup was straight.

Photography tip;  I learned is that it’s easier to crop down so keep shots wider.

Sweet Tea with lemon and a straw

In this shot I tossed in the towel to really give it the summer look and add a little color. Experiment, practice, read and take classes. You’ll find yourself improving.

My Photography advice when learning: Take breaks too, there is nothing like trying to get a shot when your frustrated or tired. Wait for good natural lighting and get to know your home and camera. Practice!

Looking for what Photography or Craft and Maker Classes are happening for free? Or to purchase at a great price when running live you can get them discounted and view them anytime and right now until July 2oth all classes are 40% Off! Why not check out the online classes yourself  by visiting CreativeLive

What types of photography do you enjoy? What was the last photography book or photography class you took?

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  1. I really stink at my photography but have been taking a course in photog down at our local community college. Although I have improved, I still have MILES to go!

    1. Hi Shelly, We all start somewhere. I think it’s great that your taking a class at your local community college. Keep practicing and have fun learning!

    1. Hi Joanna, Thanks! I can’t wait to get practicing again soon. I’ve been traveling and although I did use my camera it was more in a hurry that taking my time. Glad you keep learning too!

    1. Thanks Renee. You should I’ve found a bunch of free classes I have taken. It’s been a great resource. Good luck with your photography.

  2. I have wanted to take some photography classes for a while now…not just for blogging but for my own personal interest. One of my sons-in-law is a fantastic photographer and a dear friend’s husband in the head photographer for the paper in our old home town. You’d think that I would be able to glean some info from them, but when we’re together, were always so busy doing other things, that we never get around to some tutoring.

    With a handsome husband, 10 grown kids, kids-in-law, 22 grand kids and 2 adorable dogs, I’m got lots and lots that I want to capture!

    1. Hi Libby, I know how that can be. My brother is an artist and we always talk about painting together and then get busy with the kids or visiting that we never do. Hope you get take some classes.I am always mentioning great ones that come along or that I get to take too.

  3. It has been two years since I got myself a good SLR, and I am still shooting automatic 🙁 I must make more time to practice, practice, practice!) Great photos of the ice tea. Getting a little thirsty now!

    1. Hi Maureen, Yes, that easily can happen. Just take it off auto and try some things on manual mode. Read about your lighting, apeture and iso settings that will help you get started.

  4. I must admit that photography in general was not something that interested me or I invested in until I started blogging. I even resisted for years but I am now taking a photography class and find it so interesting. When it comes to photographs of food or even crafts it is amazing how one picture can make or break the impact of the post. Love your tip on keeping shots wider to crop in the editing phase 🙂

  5. Thanks you for the helpful tips! My lack of photography skills is the main thing holding me back from feeling really proud of the recipes I post. I’ve read tips and tutorials before, but yours are much more practical and applicable. Thank you! I found your post at the Dream to Reality link-up.

  6. Thanks for sharing with us what you’ve been learning! Keep up the good work! I hope to see you again this week at the Creative Ways Link Party!

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