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Just a quick post sharing spring photography today! Have you been taking your camera’s outdoors yet? We have been in a drought situation for several years where we live. With every season not producing rain areas that should be green are bone dry, dust and dirt. If we do get rain at all,  it hasn’t been able to catch up with the lack of rain from any of the seasons. A few weeks ago we had finally had some rains and then the sun came out again. Everyone was a little relieved despite it’s not being enough rain to get us out of trouble with the drought. Grass popping up where it had been barren. Trees that were looking stressed seeing some relief. I was excited to get out my camera and capture some of the differences that this rain has brought and the beginnings of  spring are bringing to Central, CA.

rain on patio_

My once beautiful back yard has been dry and brown, no lush green grass. Plants were being stressed and many have died off. We were so happy to see the rain finally come. Within days grass was popping up from the ground. How I love the color green and had missed it so!

spring bulbs popping out of the ground_

Then after several days of raining bulbs started to appear from the soaked ground.

raindrops on leaves_ raindrops on rose bush leaves_

I couldn’t help capture the raindrops on the leaves. The contrast of dead wood and renewal of green leaves. Spring’s rain helping nature drink up to renew itself.

Rose bud blooming on a vine_rose_pink rose_

Now, several weeks after the rain my favorite rose bush is blooming. I can’t wait to see if I get enough flowers on the vine to photograph it in full glory.

pring_dogwood blossom and a spring quote_

I honestly love the beginnings of spring that contrast of winter verses the renewal of growth. My favorite time is just when the blossoms are opening and the sweet fragrance of a new season returns.

Cross being held in a hand_faith_

Behind the scenes of the blog this week;

  •  My oldest daughter in the hospital with her baby in jeopardy of coming early. Wait little one, wait! I will have to have faith that all will be well for the both of them. It’s hard being so far away (2900 + miles) and feeling so helpless to ease her worries. From perfect pregnancy to this. Life, the lessons and tests it gives us.
  • I am in process of doing a site re-design of course being on a budget means I might need to re-think what I absolutely need vs want. Maybe I can cut down the costs by doing some of the changes myself, yet save the big stuff for the expert. One thing I have always loved is seeing signatures at the bottom of posts. When your a new visitor and haven’t gotten to know that blogger it helps not having to hunt around when leaving a nice comment. Here is a post about how to add a signature to your blog
  • I don’t like to analyse my blog every day, it just get’s me frustrated. But, I do feel it is important to do it frequently learn, target growth and see what is working or not. I thought this post on bounce rate was interesting. I haven’t added the code and probably won’t without having someone more knowledgeable look at it but, if it can make you see a more accurate bounce rate this is something to consider doing. And if you have never read about bounce rate explains it well.

Spring Photo Ideas

  • Last year I shared a spring loves – photography post,  along with some photography tips. Of course you may use the image above for personal use to get snapping with your camera! If you missed the post with tips and resources you can see the the post here: spring loves and photography tips  I have lots of photography and blogging boards with tips on Pinterest if you haven’t followed me there yet.
  • If you are interested in taking a photography class my affiliate Craftsy has extended their sale up to 50% off all classes!  (I have taken Shoot It ) I am headed over now that I am done to grab another photography class on sale. They have several I have been eyeing.

I have several projects I am working on from sewing, baking, recipes and spring crafts! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out!

What is your favorite thing to take photographs of?

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    1. Hi Colette, Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you liked the photos. I hope it stays green a while since we’ve gotten a little rain. And if we are lucky maybe a few more showers will come.

  1. Beautiful spring photographs Theresa. My oldest daughter is due with our first grandchild in about 10 days and lives approximately 2100 away, so I understand how you feel. We fly out next Tuesday to welcome our little one. I pray your daughter and the baby are safe and the little one waits until the proper time to arrive.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Hi Heather, Congrats on your new grand baby and safe travels. Hope all goes well for her. My daughter is on bed rest in the hospital until baby comes & it will probably be 6 weeks early. Hopefully baby waits another 1-3 weeks. Thanks for the lovely thoughts, prayers and words!

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