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Blogging Introduction to “Just Jenni Style” by Stylist Jenni Huse

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Dear Creatives, I’d like to introduce you to my daughter who is a not only a Cosmetologist but, does photo shoots, wedding hair & make up along with what ever hair & makeup needs her clients come to her with. Her name is Jenni Huse & she is blogging now at JustJenniStyle.com

Claire & Sam Photography / Hair & Make-up Jenni Huse

{Photography by Cheryl Hugger Mazak}

{Jenni is on the far right these are the ladies from the Powder Room } Jenni formerly of the Powder Room Works out of The Bungalow Salon

Jenni  just started a blog where she will be sharing beauty, hair along with wedding hair & make-up tips. I am sure she would love a visit & comment since being a new to the blogging world you can find her at Just Jenni  Style. She recently shared some great red lip makeup tips! She will also be sharing images from photo shoots where she is hired for styling for hair & make-up which will include magazine, fashion photography & weddings. Jenni also shares tips & tricks for creating looks for yourself!

I can’t wait to see her portfolio set up so I – you can see it! {update some of  her work is now view-able via photo galleries on her site!} And of course if you love photography & would also like to see more of Jenni’s work you can visit Claire & Sam Photographers & Claire & Sam blog where Jenni has done anywhere from Senior styling s to Boudoir, Fashion to Wedding & more…(please note it will say who did the hair & make-up on their site, as they use other stylists too)


I am anxious for her to start her portfolio page along with a  Her new FB Pan Page – Professional Facebook page  if you like can stay tuned to the amazing work she does along with the photographers & business’s she does magazine shoots for. If you would like to look at some of *Jenni’s professional Boudoir hair & make-up styling s {*link to page with her work} you can also see of the work here at  Delicious Boudoir, stunning photography & work. She even did a little hair & make-up on herself & modeled. (nothing to worry mom over, lol) All tastefully done.

Photography by Claire & Sam Make-up & hair Jenni Huse

Senior Photo Shoot

Welcome to the blogging world Jenni! Everyone sure to enter the giveaway before you go & link up your posts then head over to Just Jenni Style for some tips! & stay tuned for more of her posts. PS. she is new to twitter @justjenni I guess you can say it’s official that I am a proud mom & not just of Jenni but, all my kids! I needed to toss in that little disclaimer, although it is true!

Have you ever had professional hair & make-up done? Professional photographs taken? & for what occasion?

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